Sunday, 18 August 2013



This week's snippet comes from my current WIP, to be released on the 20 August, MOVING MONTY IN (Marshall's Park #6).

"So good," Finn moaned, his breath already falling in harsh gasps onto Aiden's hair, ruffling the strands and sending shivers of excitement down Aiden's spine. "You make me so hot… so hard, don't stop."
"Oh sweet Jesus! My eyes, my eyes!"
Aiden and Finn broke apart at the sound of Chris' voice from the kitchen doorway.
"How did you get in?" Finn spluttered, scrambling to his feet and then holding out his hand to Aiden and helping him up.
"I found two gorgeous girls getting into a car outside," Chris replied, sauntering into the room, his battered flip-flops sounding loud on the tiled floor. "The short one let me in."
"Well that explains the how," Finn growled. "Now how about the why?"
Chris shrugged nonchalantly. "You asked me to help you move in, doofus. Katie's is closer to here than the apartment, so I thought I'd come here first." He held up his hands. "But if you don't want my help, I can go—don't bother me none."
"Don't even think about leaving." Finn's voice held a note of warning and Aiden couldn't help his lips twitching at the huge, cheesy grin on Chris' face. "Unless you want that six-pack on the back seat of my car to stay there."
"Hey, I said I'd help didn't I?" Chris said, mock-affronted. "But if you don't do something about that… thing, you'll have to throw in a pizza, too for emotional trauma."
Aiden followed the line of Chris' vision and tried to cover his grin when Finn tried to cover the obvious tenting of his shorts. He couldn't contain his laughter, however, at Finn's dramatic huff as he stormed from the kitchen and delivered a resounding slap to the back of Chris' head as he passed, and Chris chased him from the house.
Shaking his head, Aiden grabbed his keys from the kitchen counter and followed them. At the open front door, he paused and leaned against the door jamb with his arms crossed, watching the two overgrown boys wrestling on the front lawn. He grinned when Finn got Chris in a headlock, chuckled when he heard Chris squeal, "I can feel your boner on my leg! Get off me ya big mo!" then full on cackled as Finn snapped back, "Takes a dick to know one!"
He had no idea what living under the same roof with Finn Thomas was going to bring—but it was going to be fun finding out.