Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I thought it was about time I gave you a little update as to what's happening in Lisa Land.

Hurrah, I hear you cry! Or in some instances, oh God not her again!

My candle has been burning at both ends and the little grey cells have been stretched to the limit. Considering the lack of said cells in the first place, the old noggin is on overload, trying to deal with the voices of characters clamouring to be heard.

Let's kick off with Monty... and here's the man himself!

I am in the process of setting up a separate page on my website, detailing everything you would want to know about Finn and Aiden's burgeoning romance. You can wander through the history of the park, get a little insight into each character as well as be kept up to date with what's happening next.

There are a few misconceptions about the Marshall's Park series, mainly that it's a serial. It's not. Each short is a snippet from the first year of Finn and Aiden's relationship, whether it be how they met, their first date, or running into an ex on a romantic weekend away. They do not follow on from each other like a serial would.

After a little hiccup at the beginning, you'll also be pleased to note that future shorts will be released on the 20th of each month, starting with #4, Meeting Monty's Parents. Just to whet your appetite and tickle your taste buds, here are a few further titles...

#5 Monty Loses his Head
#6 Monty Moves In
#7 Monty's Show and Tell
#8 Monty Meets the Parents
#9 Monty Gets Married
#10 Christmas with Monty

I'm excited to see what hilarity ensues and sometimes the hardships they overcome along the way, and I hope you are, too.

Oh and don't forget, after short #10 is released, all the Marshall's Park series will be available in a single print book :)


Another little bit of news is that I will be updating and re-releasing A Nanny for Nate! I don't know about you, but I'm very interested to find out what's been happening with Parker, Jake and Nate. When we left them, Nate's meddling had brought Parker and Jake together, but will they have stood the test of time, or will having a ready made family and competing with a ghost have been too much for Jake? I guess we'll be finding out this Summer!


I have two works in progress on the go at the moment. One is Un-Expected, the story of Micah and Harry, set in rural England. Harry broke Micah's heart in university and it took Micah a long time to put himself back together. He manages to do it, too - until Harry moves into the cottage opposite in the tiny village of Ellendale where Micah grew up. Not only does he turn Micah's world upside down, but he has with him a very pregnant girlfriend who, as a local midwife, Micah has to treat. But all is not what it seems, either when they were in university, or now.

The other is Before Sundown. Set in the 1800's, this is the story of wealthy landowner's son Samuel Somerfield and the ranch hand he falls in love with, Ely Watkins. But Samuel's sadistic father has a plan for his son and they do not include running away with another man. Can Ely stop Samuel being forced into a marriage of a convenience to line his father's pockets? And if he can, how will Samuel react to the knowledge that his father lied when he said Ely was dead?


Finally... for the moment...

Coming later this year is the long awaited sequel to Laurel Heights.
The book was supposed to be a standalone, but public demand and a teeny idea for a sequel has had me thinking that a few loose ends need tying up.

However, while some aspects will be tied with a pretty bow, it doesn't mean there won't be some angst along the way.

How is Will and Scott's relationship standing up to the pressures of their job? Is working in such close proximity actually driving them apart instead of bringing them together?

When they start working on the high profile case of the serial killer who has been murdering young gay men in their city, will their love be strong enough to weather the storm when one of them is placed in mortal danger?

And what about Todd? Did he and Jason get to their dreamed of ranch? Or does the mysterious Mr Jones stand in their way?

Watch this space!


  1. Hurrah!! Thank you very much for the updates. =}

  2. Wicked awesome!! So much to look forward to reading!

  3. Thanks for the update. Do you have a release date for the prequel of "Too much Christmas Spirit"?

    1. Not as yet - I'm getting to them all as fast as I can :)

  4. Really looking forward to the sequel to Laurel Heights! It's my favorite Lisa Worrall book. I did have a question about the blurb on the previous page. Who's Jason? Todd's boyfriend is Marcus White and they planned to take their friend Erik with them to the ranch. I just didn't remember a Jason?

    1. Sorry - my bad - Marcus did start out life as Jason and I changed it half a dozen times - simply a typo :)