Sunday, 5 May 2013



Each week I shall be posting a ten line snippet to tantalise your taste buds
of either a work in progress or an already published work.

If you're an author who wants to join in, leave me a comment here and if 
there is enough interest, I will consider setting up a Snippet Sunday page.


After a kayaking accident took Josh Donald’s sight, he’s faced with learning to negotiate the world as a blind man. In short order, his boyfriend leaves him behind, making it clear he’s not inclined to deal with special needs. Reeling from the blow, Josh flounders. In an attempt to help, Josh’s friends take him to a camp for the blind, where he falls for the camp organizer, Charlie Cooper.
Charlie seems to feel the attraction too, but when a horse named Dottie pushes them into a hot first kiss, Charlie resists. He believes he’s damaged goods, not boyfriend material. Since the accident, Josh has faced tough obstacles, but the most challenging hurdle of all may be getting Charlie to open up and take a chance on love.

“I guess everyone’s a matchmaker around here,” Josh mumbled, one of his hands moving from Charlie’s waist and trailing up Charlie’s arm until he met the line of Charlie’s jaw with his fingertips. Charlie swallowed a moan at the tentative stroking of Josh’s fingers and a tremor ran through him when Josh’s fingers drifted to his mouth, just as they had the night before. “Your momma’s wrong about one thing, though,” Josh said softly, bending his head with purpose. “You’re not pretty.”
“No?” Charlie couldn’t help the gasp that fell from his lips. He should be pulling away. This was completely unprofessional. Josh was a client. Why wasn’t he pulling away?
         “You’re beautiful.” 

See you next week!

Lisa x

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