Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BOYCOTTING... how does that benefit the Author?

Hello, my luvlies.

Most of you out there know that Silver Publishing has been having some difficulties. It's not exactly a secret, no matter how much Silver hoped it would remain that way, with some of their own authors rushing off to hang Silver's dirty washing on the nearest public line.

I haven't said much publicly myself, apart from to say that I was keeping my books where they are and was willing to see what happens.

The reason I'm saying something now is because I recently had a new release through Silver, The Perfect Gift, released on the 29 December, and I had several readers email me and ask whether they should buy it from Silver, or wait for it to come out of Amazon. The reasoning was that they were worried I wouldn't receive my royalties if they bought through the Silver website.

While it is heartwarming and touching to know that the readers not only care about the stories, but they care about the authors personally, I thought it would be a good idea to respond publicly. The thing is, even though you think you might be standing firm and supporting the author by not buying from the Silver website, it's actually having the opposite effect. Whether you buy from Silver, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or one of the other means of purchase, ultimately, the royalties are paid by Silver regardless where you buy it.

I, as one of their authors, am willing to stand by my guns, leave my eleven books there and hope for the best - so I urge you all, as readers and supporters of your Silver authors... please keep buying. If you stop, so might Silver, and that won't benefit anyone-authors and readers alike.

I know I speak for myself and my fellow authors when I tell you how much we appreciate your continued support.

Lisa xxx


  1. Thanks, Lisa, for the clarification for readers. Hang in there. There's not much else we can do now.