Thursday, 3 January 2013


Wow... we are now in 2013. Where did 2012 go? One minute it was here... the next it was gone... quite literally. So what do the next twelve months hold in store for the Worralls?

Alex will be going into year 5 and hitting double figures when he has his 10th birthday in September (OMG!)

Gracie will be heading into the juniors and year 3, plus growing more and more precocious by the day.

Winnie will undoubtedly be spending most of the year trying to bury anything and everything she can find in the back garden, leaving me wondering where the bloody hell half of Alex's sock drawer has gone.

Me? I've got quite a schedule for 2013. I have several projects that are started and need to be finished. Projects that are both pigeonholed for self-publication through White Stiletto Press and other publishers.

The first is Westford Hall which has a very loose release date of 20 January. This was supposed to have been my Halloween outing for 2012 but things kind of got away from me there for a while, so it's now a tasty little paranormal story to tickle your taste buds. Ethan and Dan are investigating Westford Hall, the empty frat house on campus that was the scene of a brutal murder thirty years ago. They never imagined they'd encounter a real live ghost, sort of, and if they'd known the can of worms they would open, maybe they would have approached the project with a little more trepidation.

Then we have Before Sundown - which must be finished or Sue Brown will kill me very slowly and painfully - set in Texas 1877. If someone had told Samuel Somerfield, son of prominent landowner Richard Somerfield, that he would fall in love with the brooding new ranch hand, Ely Watkins, he would have called them a liar. He was no molly and his father had designs on him marrying Eleanor Johnston, the daughter of their wealthy neighbour. But fate doesn't always follow design. When his father learns of Samuel and Ely's plans to run away together, he tells Samuel he's had Ely killed and Samuel will forget all about his moment of madness and marry Eleanor whether he likes it or not. Heartbroken, Samuel sees no way out other than to follow his father's instructions. But Ely isn't dead. Beaten within an inch of his life and thrown on a train bound for God only knew, Ely tries to rebuild his life after being shown a letter from Samuel stating their relationship had been a mistake. However, when he learns of Richard's subterfuge and that Samuel is only days away from marriage, he tries to reach him in time to stop Samuel from making the biggest mistake of his life.
With an optimistic release date of 1 February...

Next will be New York Cowboy, the prequel to Too Much Christmas Spirit, the first chapter of which you found at the end of the re-release of the short, downloadable for free at ARe and Smashwords. Opening Wolf Creek Ranch as a cowboy camp for city slickers was not Vance's idea and he was not happy about it. Until he lays eyes on Adam, one suit in a group of four, their first clients, and decides maybe its not such a bad idea after all.
Hopefully this will be out in February 2013.

And lets not forget the fabulous new series I am co-writing with Sue Brown entitled Left at the Crossroads, the first of which will hopefully be available on the 31 March :)

So, what's in store for you in this bright and shiny New Year?


  1. I'm going to read as many books as I can this year. =}

  2. There's also a story about a midwife whose first love turns up in the village with a heavily pregnant woman on his arm...

    Oh, and the one about the dilapidated old house in he wilds of cornwall where a writer tries to find himself... but finds a local fisherman and his poorly father who once lived in the property...

    What else... oh yeah, the one about the special effects make up artist and the actor who meet on the set of a movie. A movie riddled with accidents and the knowledge that someone has it in for the actor in question...

  3. Wow! Can't wait to read all of them.

    And I agree. Where in the blazes did 2012 go? It was here just a moment ago. I swear.

    Happy New Year, Lisa!