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Jamie knows what he wants to give Luke for their first anniversary. The wedding bands have been in a suitcase in the attic for months. But before he can say those four life-changing words, an accident throws their lives into disarray.



Jamie stared at the TV screen. Not that he was paying attention to the movie, not really. He was too preoccupied to latch onto the storyline, although he was pretty sure the guy with the beard and the Uzi was up to no good. Then again, Luke wasn't watching it either. Lying stretched out on the couch, Luke snuffled quietly in his sleep, his head in Jamie's lap. Jamie smiled fondly, his gaze tracing the curve of Luke's cheek, the square jaw and the perfect bow of full lips. Lips that were slightly parted with a tiny river of drool escaping from the corner and wetting Jamie's sweatpants. Which should, of course, be completely gross but they were supposedly still in the honeymoon phase where drool, bed head, and even eye bogies seemed the epitome of adorable.

Sighing heavily, Jamie rubbed a hand over his face. Their first anniversary was fast approaching. Well... the one they'd agreed on as their official anniversary, anyway. Jamie chuckled softly to himself, the sound louder than he'd meant it to be in the semi-quiet of the room. He held his breath when Luke murmured in his slumber--letting it go after Luke didn't wake. Their anniversary was a particular bone Luke liked to chew on and Jamie could hear his reasoning now. "Christmas Day is our official anniversary, but our first coffee was the week before, although we actually met three weeks before that." If Luke had his way, they'd probably celebrate a milestone in their relationship on a weekly basis, from the first time Jamie farted, to the first time Luke found a pair of Jamie's underpants in the laundry basket. Not that Luke would be impressed if Jamie pointed that out. He would probably grumble about the lack of romance in Jamie's soul. Staring down at Luke, his heart bloomed in his chest and he grinned.

He had bucket loads of romance in his soul, especially when it came to Luke Fisher. Hence the shiny platinum bands sitting in a small square box in the pocket of his suitcase in the attic. They'd been there for a couple of months, ever since Jamie had moved in, but he wanted to wait until Christmas night, when they were alone, to ask the sleeping man on his lap that all important question.

Every second of the night they'd met in that bar was imprinted on Jamie's heart. He hadn't been looking to hook up. He'd wandered into the bar for a quiet drink after hitting the books since he'd arrived home that afternoon from the school where he was employed as a teaching assistant. He'd almost completed his teaching degree and his finals had been coming up in January. The principal had called him into her office that morning to tell him that, depending upon his results, of course, they'd wanted to offer him a permanent position. A teacher was all he'd ever dreamed of being and that dream was almost a reality, so he'd decided a little celebration was in order. He hadn't thought his day could get any better. He'd been wrong.

The group of revelers with their raucous catcalls and good-natured ribbing hadn't been exactly hard to miss when he'd walked into the bar. But the contagious, slightly girly cackle had caught Jamie's attention. He'd casually picked at the label of his beer and turned his head to check out the cackle's owner as the sound floated across the room again. To say he'd been surprised to find it belonged to one of the sexiest men he'd ever laid eyes on would have been the understatement of the year. Dark blond hair artfully spiked... lean frame, what he could see of it... and a smile that would have stopped traffic. Luke's face had been animated as he'd joked with his colleagues, and Jamie had felt a pang of instant want in his gut. Thankfully Luke had felt the same and within an hour or so they'd been falling through Jamie's front door and ripping off each other's clothes.

Jamie shook his head slowly at the memory of how quickly Luke had vacated his bed after they'd had what was possibly the best sex ever. He remembered that uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach when he'd reluctantly accepted Luke's excuse about an early meeting. He'd known there was something going on behind those green eyes and, a few days later, he wasn't surprised when Luke hadn't called him. What had been surprising was how disappointed and hurt Jamie had been at Luke's rejection. Although they'd only spent a few hours together, the connection between them had been unlike anything he'd experienced with any of his previous lovers... and he'd been sure Luke had felt it, too.

"You're staring at me again."

"Yep," Jamie replied at Luke's sleepy mumble.


"Because I can."


  1. This sounds like a great story that I just know is going to tear me apart.

    1. Goodness, I hope not! I like my Will in one piece!

  2. I can't wait to read this. I was so happy when you decided to write another Jamie & Luke (and Reggie!) story.
    Thank you, Lisa.


    1. Thank you, my lovely x

      I really wanted to have a look at what Jamie and Luke and Reggie, of course, were doing one year on. I hope you enjoy it xx

  3. It is an absolutely beautiful story!! =]

  4. Oooh, this sounds really interesting! ^__^ I'm gonna have to buy it when I'm finished with the current series I'm reading. :-)

  5. Loved this story, especially the part where Reggie said that Luke and Jamie must have been tired from praying too much. So cleverly written. Hope there is a third in this series!