Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I'm sure we've all seen this banner *nods at the guilty faces in the room*.

I'm sure we all clicked on it and thought... I'll try one game... just to see what it's like. But just the one. I don't have time for stupid games.

I'm sure we've all tapped our toes along to long forgotten ditties and then spent hours trawling through Youtube for clips of our youth... what? *coughs and stands up* I'm not afraid to admit it... I can say it... *takes deep breath*...


It was only supposed to be one game, honest, copper! I only wanted to see what the hype was about. To see if I could, as the great Tom O'Connor said... "Name that tune." I was going to step away... I have a life... or at least I thought I did. Now I'm hanging out for my next songpop request. Waiting for that pretty red musical note on my home page.

My go to playlist is anything to do with the 80's - obviously. It is my era. The songs of my youth. *Sobs* Nik Kershaw, Haircut 100 (OMG Nick Heyward!), Atlantic Starr, Luther Vandross, A-ha, Madonna (pre-cone boobs), Kylie, Glenn Medeiros... need I go on? The way the lyrics tripped from my tongue without missing a beat. The excitement flowing through me as I realised I hadn't forgotten a word, even though I hadn't heard the song for many a year.

But then I found a renewed love for 90's alternative. Somewhere in pretending to be a wife, a mother, god forbid... a GROWN-UP... I'd forgotten that yes - I love Green Day, Soundgarden, Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins! Oh the joy as those wonderful lyrics of "Here we are now... entertain us!" washed over me and the memories of how I really did "have the time of my life".

Then comes the 70's collection and Disco! Gloria Gaynor and the late, great Donna Summer belting it out like good-uns, with the Bee Gees sneaking in here and there. You can almost smell the sweaty feet of Roller City as the music pumps through your headphones!

Classic rock... oh how I love you... classic rock. Oh how I love you Supernatural for re-introducing me to Classic rock and giving me the strength to beat half my opponents. KISS, I love you... Kansas you bet I'll carry on and refuse to be dust in the wind. Axel... damn straight it's welcome to the jungle my little ginger friend!

OMG - I could go on forever... today's hits, boybands, 80's hairbands, new wave, country classics, horror themes... the list is endless. But I can truly put my hand on my heart with all honesty and say... I meant it to be one game, honest I did, Mr 'Iggins... I'm a good girl I am - wait... I have to go... a request popped up... the musical note... the shiny red musical note...


  1. Should i know what songpop is... should i venture towards it?

  2. Its so freaking addicting! Seems I am constantly playing it whenever I go on facebook. Luckily there are other addicts like us and I get to play often. on Lisa! LOL