Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Haunted by her past of murder for hire and skinning people alive to gather vital intelligence, Kat Boudreaux wants nothing more than to hide away in her sprawling mansion with the love of her life--her daughter. But then Private Gump and his band of Bubbas land on her doorstep. Her brother and his unit of misfit Marines insert themselves with the misguided need to protect her from someone hell-bent on vengeance.

For Shooter, it's love at first sight, though he wouldn't be caught dead admitting it. When Kat is nearly fatally injured while saving his life, he knows he's found the woman for him. Together, they fight side by side to get to the bottom of the threats. Kat's daughter is kidnapped and this ex-assassin mom reverts back to old habits to save her. Saving Kat and her daughter is easy, taming the shrew that is Hell Kat Boudreaux might mean losing his favorite appendage.

REVIEW: 5 Lulu's

What can I say about Katie Harper's first novel? *Taps chin* What does it have?
The question should be, what doesn't it have? Intrigue, suspense, family, love, excitement. Everything but the kitchen sink... no wait... there's one of them in there, too!

It grabs you from the first couple of pages and it's grip only tightens as you read more and more, until you are so firmly wrapped up in the story you find yourself glad the kids are away for a week, because if they'd disturbed you during this... you may have had to build some stairs to put a cupboard under it so you could get rid of them!

I want to be Kat Boudreax when I grow up. She's fantastic. Feisty, beautiful, sensual and, best of all, within minutes of meeting her you know she ain't gonna take no shit from no one.

I also want a Shooter of my own. *whispers* I would quite like THE Shooter, but I think Kat would stake me naked to an anthill and then add some fire ants for good measure.  They are perfect together, damn them!

To say I was impressed with this book and couldn't put it down is an understatement and I cannot wait to see what the uber-talented Harper comes up with next.  I am tapping my fingers impatiently and my breath is bated!

I insist you do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars and go straight to Decadent Publishing for your copy... now... go on... I can still see you... run... or I'll set Kat on you!

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