Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kids DO the darndest things....

What do you see when you look at this photograph? I see a cheeky monster... most of us have got one... right? How many times do we listen to the things they say and shake our heads in amazement, or indeed just laugh our socks off... even when they were being serious? But what about the things they DO? Some not always pleasant. Some that make us stare at them open-mouthed and silent in bizarre fascination because there are know words to speak.... except for one word echoing around your head...WHY????????????

The thing that prompted me to write this post is... quite simply... the fact that my son dropped his chewing gum and the dog picked it up before he could get to it. A normal person would, of course, have wrestled the gum from the dog, then put it in the bin. But not this Momma's pride and joy... hell no... He took it back and put it in his own mouth without washing it!!!!!  WHY????????????????

I've told him what's right and wrong. Instilled some form of ettiquette in him and his sister, i.e. don't pick your nose in front of people. If you must do it, it's a bit like masturbation, it should be done in the privacy of your own bedroom. Taught them that there are things you just don't do! So why am I still staring at him totally gobsmacked because there are no words? It's as bad as the time he licked the bottom of his shoe, when he was 4. I said the same thing then... WHY????? Was he checking the brown stuff wasn't chocolate? Had he hidden a sweet there for later? Just.... WHY???????

When he was little if he got so much as a speck of dirt on his hand he'd be screaming for a wet wipe and now he's eating dog-gum.... where did I go wrong?

Please tell me I'm not alone in this fellow bloggers.... what have your disgusting little toads done that makes you squirm and want to leave them on the steps of the nearest church in a cardboard box?

Don't be shy.... join me in the ickiness...


  1. It's note that my nephew does gross stuff he does dangerous stuff. Like climb the entertanment center, nice head scar from that one.