Sunday, 1 April 2012


This is me!  Just in case you are unfamiliar with the Worrall :)

You may be interested in these facts, you may just think I've lost my mind... either way works :)

1.  I have a small scar on the knuckle of my middle finger of my left hand... this was obtained not by some daredevil exploit, or during the saving of a small child... I got it when I scraped my finger down the wall trying to save myself when I fell out of the house one morning.

2.  I cry at the drop of a hat... every episode of Little House on the Prairie, at adverts, even when Smurfette's mouse died in an episode of the Smurfs.  I know... sap I hear you cry.

3.  I once walked home on a broken ankle without noticing.  Of course, this may have been after several bottles of extremely strong cider and the incapacity to remember my own name, let alone register pain.  Bloody hurt the next day though - I was in a cast for six weeks!

4.  I am a huge Elvis fan.  He was all my mum listened to as I was growing up and the love of his music and that beautiful face rubbed off on me.  When I went to Graceland seven years ago, it was raining, which I was eternally grateful for, because in the Garden of Remembrance, no one could see me cry. (Told you, drop of a hat)

5.  I went to a Michael Bolton concert once and decided not to put my glasses on.  My friend pointed out when I asked her if Michael had had his hair cut, that I was watching the guitarist sitting next to him.  *The shame*

6.  I had had slightly too much falling down water one night at a party and I apparently went out to kiss my car goodnight.  Believe me, I haven't been able to live that one down in twenty years.

7.  My favourite food is Steak and Kidney pie.  And it must be eaten in a certain way.  First you take the lid of the pie off and eat that.  Then you scoop out all the filling and eat that.  Then you eat the pastry :)  See, you learn something new every day.

8.  I could spot Stefan Edberg's (Swedish tennis player and two time winner of Wimbledon) bum in a line-up. I'm not going to explain why... I don't need to... do I?

9.  I am addicted to Pepsi Max.  Seriously... if I don't have some every day, I get twitchy!

10.  I fall over a lot.  Down stairs, down steps, even just down a kerb.  It has plagued all my life.  My oldest friend Lisa will tell you of the time I fell over running for the 193 on the way home from school.  My friend Teresa will tell you how I elegantly threw myself down the stairs at a Jason Manns' concert a couple of years ago - and indeed how I fell ONTO the bus.  *shakes head*
There you are, a little insight into the farce that is my life - I hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. Nice to know all these quirky things about you that make you, YOU! hugs

  2. Lisa! So great to get to know the real you this way. Kudos on a fun blog post.

  3. I absolutely love these candid personal blog posts from authors-I do them on occasion and have so much fun with them!


  4. Just awesome Lisa! Thanks for sharing with us.



  5. how fun!! so glad I stopped by!! so how do you fall out of a house?

  6. Well it is good to know more about you..Thank you for sharing..

  7. I was so pleased you added the falling ONTO a bus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Lisa, great post, thank you for sharing and love the picture of you. It really puts readers in touch with the authors with these types of blogs. have a beautiful week!

  9. Nice to meet you! Sounds like you might need to walk around in a bubble haha. I fall a lot too, though =P (Also, I've never had steak and kidney pie)

  10. LOL Lisa, this is a fun post. A lot of fun facts there about you