Monday, 9 April 2012

Excerpt from All I See is You - current WIP

“It's going to be fun, Josh, trust me,” Greg said his tone filled with conviction, curling his fingers around Josh’s to help him.
“Yeah, a week with the lovebirds, I can't wait,” Josh replied teasingly, easing himself to the edge of the seat and then standing up when he felt the ground beneath him. “Don't forget, just 'cos I can't see, don’t mean I can't hear the two of you sucking each other’s faces off.  So try to keep the smooching down to a minimum.”
“Very funny,” Mario scoffed as he hauled their cases out of truck bed. “’Cause it was so much fun spending most of college listening to you pant and groan your way through half of the football team.”
Chuckling and stretching his arms over his head to loosen his muscles after the long drive, Josh poked his tongue out. “Yeah, but at least you got to watch too.  I can't even sneak a peek now.”
“There is so much wrong with that statement that I ain’t going anywhere near it,” Greg said with disdain. Josh grinned widely as Greg cupped his elbow and gently guided him along the dirt path. The gift of sight was not exactly necessary to see the expression on Greg’s face, it was there in his tone.  Vision was not necessary to know what expression was on Greg’s face. He only hoped his smile was convincing as Greg added, “This is going to be great. A week camping with my two favorite guys? And it’ll be good for you, Josh. You’re out of that damned apartment, that’s all that matters.”
The three of them fell silent as they walked across the uneven ground and Josh knew that his friends were thinking about the accident. Each lost in their thoughts. Not that he remembered much about the early days what with him being in a coma. But he remembered waking up in the darkness, calling Alec’s name. Josh's accident eight months ago had changed their lives irrevocably. His recovery had been long and arduous, with Greg and Mario beside him every step of the way.
Always an avid sportsman, Josh had been talked into trying some white water rafting by his boyfriend, Alec.  Eager to accept any challenge that was tossed at him, Josh had thrown himself into it just like he did everything, with gusto and complete commitment.  His first two runs down the rapids were a success.  Josh had never felt more alive in his entire life, the adrenaline coursing through his body giving him a rush like nothing he had experienced before. 
Alec, however, after a few beers had managed to talk Josh into having another try, in the dark no less.  The two men had taken the kayaks out and Josh had hit a rock before they even got to the rapids, tipping his kayak over and him out into the swirling water.  He'd hit his head and Alec had made his way back to the rafting station screaming for help with an unconscious Josh draped over the front of Alec's kayak.  When Josh had woken up forty-eight hours later, it became apparent that the damage was permanent. He was blind and Alec was gone.


  1. *Gasp*.... where's the rest of it???? It's brilliant x

  2. Lisa, any idea when this will be out? Sounds fantastic.

  3. Hi barb, its in early stagges at the moment, but hopefullly fall.