Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I realise that everyone is different.  Everyone likes different food, different scents, different clothes, different music.  And obviously people have different tastes in the bedroom.

I am a firm believer of each to their own and in no way want to cause offence, because, hey, whatever floats your boat, love.  But this... (see photo)... this I just don't get.

I mean... being led around with one of these strapped to your face?  I'm interested, truly interested and not trying to be facetious at all... but what pleasure do you derive from this?

Hell, I like being Mrs Tie Me Up Tie Me Down every so often myself... but if my man suggested I wear a collar and lead and crawl around on my hands and knees... Let's just say he'd be finding the sofa very comfortable to sleep on.

But what happens if you're not into this... but your partner is?  Do you go along with it because you want to make them happy, even if you secretly hate it?  Can you ever love someone enough to completely humiliate yourself, knowing that you are getting nothing out of it at all?

I know everyone has their limits, and I'm not saying I just lie back and think of England, cause I don't *evil grin* - but this is really stretching my limits.

What about you?


  1. There’s only so much I think I would do for someone/spouse, but this is NOT it. I’m think he gets off on being humiliated or maybe he doesn’t feel humiliated.

  2. I don't practice, but have read some pretty intense books on the subject of domination and submission as research for an upcoming piece, and one thing I garnered from my reading is that there are people who MUST be degraded to get excited. The worse the degradation, the better, including public humiliation. And it's usually the high-powered control freaks who require this type of submission. It's not for me, but that's just me.

  3. I know you don't get it. That's okay, gorgeous. It ain't essential. *mwah*

  4. It isn't the dominant who determines whether a submissive plays pup or not (usually). It's the submissive. Some subs are just wired that way, and I gather the draw is that they get to a place where they are not only literally non-verbal, they're mentally that way. It's very freeing and de-stressing, and requires an enormous amount of trust between Dom and sub. While I'm not a pup, I am a submissive, and I can understand the appeal of that. It's a type of facilitated meditation, just like any subspace.

    And it isn't necessarily a humiliation/degradation thing, because when the sub is in "pupspace" they are not thinking about humiliation any more than a dog would be (as with a lot of bdsm dynamics, I think there's a certain degree of self-hypnosis involved, because as I said it's similar to meditation). Occasional puppy play, pony play, etc. might be a humiliation kink, but for full-on pups it's a whole different psychology as far as I can tell. There are even conventions, and events at leather conventions, devoted entirely to Masters/pups, where the pups can play together and so forth.

  5. If one isn't into a puppy relationship and the other is, the relationship usually doesn't last too long. Usually a couple will become deeper into a master/pup relationship in phases after a lengthy "vanilla" relationship. As Delphine Dryden said, the submissive often leads the master into puppy play. With most BDSM relationships, the master is not enslaving the sub, the sub is engaging the master to the relationship. For an example of a couple into pup play, check: