Thursday, 2 February 2012


Sue Brown is joining me today to chat about The Masquerade Trilogy.
All three stories are being released on 4 February 2012
and Sue's is the first book, The Layered Mask.

Oh, and she may also mention her favourite thing... no, not me, that's a given, she doesn't
need to talk about it... I'm talking about the most staple food group in the world...

Hi, my name is Sue, and I am a chocolate addict. And a coffee addict. And I’m rather partial to a glass of red wine as well. As it’s nine in the morning I’ll stick with the coffee and tell you a story.
It’s Valentine’s Day, and you and your loved one are sharing gifts. His heart in his eyes, he hands over a small box, wrapped up in paper. It’s so obvious it’s a special gift from the way his hands are shaking. Your heart pitter-patters as you realise it is a jewellery box – maybe for that gift you’ve always wanted? Taking the next step into your relationship? Your hands are shaking as you undo the paper and open up the box.
And there, nestled in red velvet is the end of a packet of sweets. The last Rolo.
You stare, dumbfounded, for a minute, gathering your thoughts.

What, my friends, is your response to this heart-felt gift?

Do you:
·        1.  Throw it back at him screaming that you never want to see him again.
·        2.  Appreciate the significance of the gesture.
·        3.  Eat the Rolo.
·        4. Offer it back to him as a sign of your love.

My friends, this happened to me. I can tell you that I fully appreciated the significance of the gift. As I was a mere young’un I didn’t even think about the possibility of what the box might have contained. I didn’t, however, offer it back. Jesus, it’s chocolate. Why on earth would I give it back?

Would you share your last rolo? 

Absolutely, fucking, classic!  I adored this advert... I am so glad you found this... oh, the memories!

Now, here is a snippet of Masquerade: The Layered Mask - a must buy for every Sue Brown fan!
Sod it!  It's just a must buy!

The Layered Mask

Published on 4th February

Blurb: Threatened by his father with disinheritance, Lord Edwin Nash arrives in London for one season to find a wife. While there, Nash discovers he is the lamb, the sacrifice of the society matrons, to be shackled to one of the girls by the end of the season.

During a masquerade ball, Nash hides from the ladies vying for his attention. He is discovered by Lord Thomas Downe, the Duke of Lynwood. Nash is horrified when Thomas calmly tells him that he knows the secret that Nash had hidden for years and that he sees through the mask that Edwin presents to the rest of the world.

What will happen when the time comes for Edwin to return home with a suitable bride?

Downe held out his hand. "May I have this dance?" he asked huskily, holding out his hand.

Eyes widening in shock, Nash swallowed audibly. He hesitated and then placed his hand in Downe's, allowing the older man to draw him to his feet. Downe gathered him into a dancing position, hoping that Nash would not pull away once he realised he was in the lady's role.

"You will have to guide me," Nash said, resting his left hand lightly on Downe's right arm, as he waited for Downe to take the first step. If this position did bother him, Nash didn't say so, as he smiled up at Downe.

Having Edwin Nash in his arms, warm and solid despite his slight form, left Downe breathless. Downe wondered if the young man was even aware of the effect he was having on him. Struggling against the urge to pull Nash hard against him, Downe hummed the music to a slow waltz.

They started dancing, Nash only taking a short while to grasp the simple steps, and suddenly Downe could see why the waltz was thought of as scandalous. They weren't touching except for their hands, but it was so intimate, a few inches between them instead of the width of a line. For once, Downe thought the moral brigade may have had the right idea. Being able to hold your partner so close was… he struggled to find the right word… sensuous. He was aware of every part of Nash’s lithe body, from the curls of his dark hair around his temple to his shapely legs almost, but not quite, pressed up against his.

Author Bio: Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn't following their orders, she can be found at university listening to lecturers discuss long-dead theologians. In her head, however, she's plotting how to get her cowboys into bed together; she just hopes the lecturer doesn't ask her any questions.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she's made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.
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 Thank you so much for joining us and putting a huge smile on my face.  
Layered Mask is a masterfully drawn piece of historical romance and I cannot wait to get my copy :)


  1. Great excerpt and I think I would give my last Rolo to both Sue and Lisa :)

  2. Honestly chocolate has never been a fav so, I probably would have offered it back to him as a sign of your love. LOL

    I actually have this book on my top ten TB list. ;) So, looking forward to my tax refund. :P

  3. Give up the last rolo. Hmmmm, it would have to be to someone very, very special. LOL! Great post Sue. I'm looking forward to Feb 4th and the release of the trilogy. Already have the three on my "wish list" on Silver's website.


  4. Sighs... the last rolo... me and hubby STILL do that... ROFL... nice interview... good luck with mask Sue, sounds fab x