Friday, 3 February 2012


Ash Watts has his life exactly how he wants it.  He’s finally reporting on high profile stories, has a gorgeous boyfriend and an apartment with a fabulous view of LA.  He didn’t think his world could be more perfect until it comes crashing down around his ears.  Instead of settling into his brand new corner office, he finds himself on a flight to Freedom, Alabama, population 1872, to bury his only sister.  What he finds there are a group of older women known locally as The Coven, a secret his sister had been keeping from him and an honest to God cowboy who was holding onto a secret of his own.

Kaleb Gibson was a native of Freedom, born and bred.  When Annie Watts breezed into town he’d found the best friend he’d ever had, and her death had left a gaping hole in his heart.  When Ash Watts arrives, with the same dark hair and green eyes, he’s in danger of losing his heart all over again, but he can’t forgive the man for neglecting his sister when she needed him most.  At the reading of Annie’s Will, Kaleb is shocked when he and Ash are thrown together in a way he never imagined. Then he is left wondering how he is going to carry out Annie’s last wishes without killing her beloved brother, and without revealing a secret from his own past that could destroy everything.


  1. The blurb sounds great!

    Could you please tell who the publisher is and where the book will available for purchase? You're one of my auto-buy authors and I'd like to get the book as soon as possible.

  2. Aww thanks honey. Luckily enough I'm self-publishing this one, so it's available from the 20 February on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks :)

  3. Thank you very much for telling me! I've already pre-ordered Laurel Heights and will go to ARe on the 20th :)

    Right now I'm reading Thirst and enjoying it immensely. Any chance of an update on what your next books will be?