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Hello one and all. Please welcome onto the couch with me the delicious Christian Jensen.  *stage whisper*  I might not let him leave....  A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas from, how they come to me, how I develop my characters' personalities-- well Christian is going to let us into his world for a little while and answer that age old question.  Take it away Christian, my darlin', I'm just gonna sit here and pour the tea...

She walked through the tall grass, her sheer nightgown glowing in the moonlight. Long black hair trailed behind her as she swayed her hips, the outline of her tattoos visible through the flimsy fabric. I could make out the dark round nipples, each of them already erect against the cool nights air. She walked to me, the smile on her lips telling me I was one lucky son of a bitch.
Alicia pushed me against a tombstone. It was cold under my naked ass, the jagged edges of it threatening to cut into my skin, but that didn’t matter. She was lowering herself down, resting on her knees and looking up at me with wide, glowing eyes. The night air was pulling gooseflesh out, the sound of the wind in the bows of a nearby oak the only sound. The back of her hand trailed up my inner thigh, the smooth, cool skin feeling amazing as it moved over me.
“I know what you need.” She purred the words, the smile on her full lips like a lascivious promise. She slid her hand over the rigid heat between my legs and stroked it slowly. Her eyes never left mine as she pulled the hard flesh into her hot mouth…
I gasped as the head pressed into the back of her throat and her hand slid down my shaft. Her blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight, the delight obvious as she moaned deeply. The air was hot and our need palpable.
And then I woke up.

People often ask me where I get my ideas from. My standard answer is that I send a check for nine dollars and eighty three cents to a PO box in China town, where an aged chain smoking man with an eye patch then forwards one third of the money to an off shore account and the other two thirds to his diabetic niece. Three weeks later I get a package delivered with a complete synopsis and outline. The return address is actually a field in Chicago littered with crack pipes and dead hookers.
The truth is much more mundane.
I write erotica and horror. I am a man. I am a horror nerd. It’s really pretty simple to figure out. I get most of my idea’s for my erotica from walking around with a penis, and most of my horror ideas come from thinking…”Wouldn’t it be cool if…”
Let’s concentrate on the erotica side. Some of my stories are actual stories from my past. I change certain elements to make them more interesting, and of course to make the main character more of a stud. Sometimes they include things I wish I had done, or things I would have done had I thought of them at the time. To be honest my characters are much smoother and cooler than I, so they always know what to do and how to get what they want. There is no fumbling around in the dark interior of a car hoping no one comes along. There is no wondering how far the girl will let you go. I set up ideal situations and but suave characters in them, and watch what happens.
Sometimes though the past isn’t enough. I need more, and I want to deliver more to the reader. That’s when I dip into the endless supply of fantasies I have, using certain girls that were either out of my grasp or just inaccessible. In those stories it’s GAME ON – anything goes, I can get as dirty and crazy as I want because it’s all fiction, there is no truth that I am clinging to, no memory to dictate the how’s and why’s.
And sometimes I just make some crazy shit up. I’ve written M/M erotica, and I’ve never been with a man. I knew it was a good market and I wanted to test myself as a writer. I figured that since I have the plumbing I should know how to use it, so I sat down and wrote my first gay erotic story, Cocking Bo, and read through it thinking I did a pretty good job.
Then I handed it over to a gay friend of mine, and he nearly beat me over the head with it. After a long conversation and some pretty intense editing I ended up with a great story filled with passion and sex between two men that I can be proud of.
Ironically it was a lot easier to write my lesbian series, Sex with my Mother’s Best Friend, than it was for me to write the M/M one. Again, fantasy came in handy, as did certain experiences. Having a good knowledge of porn also helped, and after countless hours of research I was able to put together the first part of the series, Taboo Seduction, pretty easily. It’s one of my best sellers to date, and one that spawned a couple follow ups.
So ideas… ideas are the easy part for me. I have a book that holds thousands of them that I will eventually get to, and a lifetime of experience and fantasy to pull from. There really is no eye patch wearing, chain smoking Asian man with a diabetic daughter, at least not one who gives me ideas.

I really want to thank Lisa Worrall for granting me access here.
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Thank you so much for joining us today Christian and letting us in on a little of what makes you tick.  Don't forget to check out Christian's website and blog. 

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  1. Awesome to know where you get your ideas from! Great post and all the best with your writing :)