Thursday, 15 December 2011


Padding down the stairs, Ash wandered into the kitchen, not entirely sure whether he was looking for food, drink, or Kaleb.  Not that Kaleb was anywhere to be seen and the house was eerily quiet.  The back door was open so he stepped out on the porch.  In the moonlight he could see the gate at the end of the stretch of grass was ajar and, with a frown, he jumped down onto the grass and walked toward it.  The night was sticky and just walking across the yard had his wife beater firmly stuck to his back; he could feel sweat running in rivulets down his skin.  He frowned as what sounded like splashing drifted to his ears on the barely there breeze.  Thankful for the full moon, Ash walked down the well worn path through the copse of trees that backed onto the yard.  Not that he had any idea what the hell he was going to find at the end of it.
Ash gasped as he pushed a low hanging branch out of his way and found himself by the edge of a large pool of water, surrounded by rocks and fallen trees.  The sound of the cicadas in the brush around him was almost hypnotic and he didn’t think he’d ever seen anything more beautiful in his life.  The way the moonlight glinted off the water and the shadows it cast with its beautiful light, had his breath catching in his throat.  Scratch that he thought quickly stepping back into the bushes and out of sight.  The most beautiful thing he had ever seen had just climbed up onto the large rock at the end of the pool. 
Practically choking on the tongue that had stuck to the roof of his mouth, which appeared to have suddenly turned into the Sahara, Ash swallowed as Kaleb shook droplets of water from his hair. In the moonlight, the man was silhouetted in the shadows, but there was enough light for Ash’s gaze to wander hungrily over the taut planes of Kaleb’s muscled chest.  Fully clothed Kaleb was a devastatingly attractive man—naked he was utterly breath-taking. The cowboy’s skin glistened as the moonlight caught the droplets of water running down his skin, and Ash involuntarily palmed his own cock as his gaze traveled the acres of smooth tanned flesh.  He gasped aloud as Kaleb dived cleanly into the water, sending ripples across the pool.  When he broke the surface, he swam a few strokes before floating lazily on his back. 
Ash slipped his hand inside his pants and curled his fingers around his rock hard shaft.  Swallowing the whimper that crept up his throat, his gaze traced the length of Kaleb’s impressive cock where it lay against the man’s thigh, alternately in and out of the water as it lapped against him.  He shook his head and yanked his hand out of his pants in frustration, fully intending to turn and make his way back to the house… honestly… but then his legs refused to move when Kaleb slid a hand down his stomach and began to stroke himself in long steady pulls. 
Jesus,” Ash hissed between his teeth, his hand creeping back into his pants and running his thumb around the head of his cock.  He was on fire… sparks shot through his belly and lit up every nerve-ending.  His gaze locked onto the movement of Kaleb’s hand as it moved up and down his length, the man’s cock lengthening and thickening with each pass.  He was hypnotized by the way Kaleb ran his thumb around the thick mushroom-ridged head of his cock on the upstroke, and Ash flicked his tongue out to moisten his lips, pulling the lower one between his teeth.  He watched as Kaleb’s movements sped up and he matched them with his own, moving his hand up to fist the head of his cock, twisting his wrist and moaning harshly low in his throat.
Ash felt the curl of orgasm tingling in his spine, the whimpers falling from Kaleb’s lips driving him to the edge.  He didn’t think he had heard anything so erotic in his entire life, sure that he could come from those sounds alone.  Ash bit back his groan as Kaleb began to chant, “Yes… yes… yes,” and he pumped faster, his toes curling in his sneakers as his orgasm hit him like a freight train when Kaleb emitted a guttural howl of completion, and hot ropes of white spilled over his fingers and onto the ground.
Reaching out a hand to the tree beside him, Ash felt the bark scratch against his palm and it was as though a bucket of cold water had been thrown in his face.  What the fuck am I doing?  Cheeks flushing and embarrassment flooding through him, Ash wrenched his sweatpants back up around his waist and grimaced at the wetness of against his skin.  He turned and stumbled back through the undergrowth and then ran up the beaten track and into the house as though the very devil himself were on his tail.  Pounding up the stairs, Ash kicked off his sneakers and grabbed a clean pair of pants from the drawer.  He quickly shoved the soiled ones into the hamper in the bathroom and washed his hands.  The reflection staring back at him in the mirror above the sink had a gasp falling from his lips.  Was that him? That wild-eyed, flush-faced man?  Chest heaving, lips swollen from biting at them and the heavy-lidded look of satiation?  
He stared at himself, part-mortified and part… he had no idea… but he couldn’t seem to stop his lips from twitching, or the bubble of laughter in his throat.  He’d spied on Kaleb like a teenager standing in the rose garden outside the next door neighbor’s window, and jerked off.  What the fuck was this man doing to him?  What the fuck would this man do to him?  If he let him… and right now, Ash had a feeling he might let that gorgeous cowboy do whatever-the-fuck he wanted.  “Pull yourself together, Watts,” he mumbled at his reflection and took a few steadying breaths, starting when he heard the slam of the back door and Kaleb’s voice drift up the stairs.
“Come on, City-boy, coffee’s on!”

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