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Good morrow my blogging pals...today I have snuggled up with me the ridiculously talented Raine Delight, who is going to regale us with an interview with one of her characters... so sit back, put your feet up and grab a cookie...


Raine’s Muse settles in his easy chair and sips from a mug of coffee. Tapping his foot, he waits for the two Dracon brothers to come for their interview. He mutters, “I swear those two are going to be turned into jackasses if they skip this interview.” He looks up and smiles at the way Damien and Rodrick look as glum as they walk through the door.
“Well, gentlemen, it’s about bloody time you got here. I swear if I didn’t promise Raine to be good, you would have been in deep trouble.” Muse says as he watches them settle in the two other chairs in the room. “Let’s get started shall we.”
Thank you two for sitting down with me to answer some questions. – Muse
Like either one of us had a chance.  You threatened to edit us out of the series if we didn’t.  Just hurry up so I can get back to Alicia. – Damien
Oh stuff it Damien. I swear you two have no reason to complain- Muse growls back before he settles comfortably in his chair. Setting up the recorder, he turns it on.
Q: You two are the heirs to the Dragon Inn that is located in Devon Falls.  Who runs it now?
“Well we both do. I take care of the day to day stuff and Rod here takes care of paperwork, orders and every now and again helps out in the kitchen.” Damien leans toward Muse and stage whispers, “He makes a mean flan if I do say so myself”
“Oh great go ahead Damien and tell the world I can cook.” Rod sighs in disgust* “Yes, for the record I like to cook and enjoy baking some days. It relaxes me and if anyone tries to make anything of it, I am going to kick them in the head.” Rod says as he glares at his brother who is laughing softly at Rod’s discomfort.
Boys, play nice now. Raine doesn’t like it when you two fight. Muse says as he keeps recording their conversation. Now onto the next question, guys. *Takes a sip of his now cooling coffee and hopes that maybe he can convince Raine that he needs an assistant.*
Q: Why do you two have different shape shifting abilities?
A: Rod looks at the muse and says, “Blame the genes for god sake. It is tradition in our family to have different shifting abilities. It makes family gatherings quite interesting though.
Q: Rodrick can sense others magical abilities, what about Damien?  What are his abilities?
A: Damien looks at the muse and answers, “Well I can shift into a dragon and Alicia thinks it’s “pretty”. Women! I swear I am to be big, tough and scary…..not pretty. That is such a girlie word though don’t tell her I said so. I happen to like having sex and her cooking is da bomb.
Rodrick bursts out laughing, “She thinks you look pretty…as in flower pretty? Oh geez….that is too hilarious. I can picture you in your dragon form and have her make flower crowns for you.” His laughter had Damien looking like he wanted to scorch Rod on the spot, smoke was curling from his nose.
Muse leans forward and taps both guys on the knee, “Knock it off Damien. If you start a fire in my living room, I am scorching your ass and Raine won’t be able to stop it either. She won’t like it if you destroy her leather chairs she just got the other day for me.”
Damien glares at Rod as his brother keeps laughing and then mutters “Well what was I to do, argue with the woman. Sheesh, I just got back in her good graces for Pete’s sake.”
Q: Has Alicia forgiven you,Damien, for leaving her or is she making you work for it still?
A: Damien sighs again while keeping an eye on Rod who is still snickering under his breath, “I have a long way to go before she trusts me fully again. We are making strides though and with her sister Jenna’s engagement, it helps that we keep the lines of communication open. I can’t talk for her but on my end, I try to make each day showing her that she means more to me than ever. I don’t do wooing very well so it is hard for me to show how much I am sorry for all the hurt I caused her. It isn’t just her forgiving me; I have to forgive myself as well.” Damien pauses and sighs as he tries to get his thoughts in order. “Every day is a godsend to me as I wake up beside her and see the love in her eyes. It shows me that forgiveness, even though I did her wrong in the past, is still an amazing thing to behold.”
Rod looks at Damien and makes a show of wiping a tear away from his eye as he plays an imaginary violin. “Dang, brother of mine, if I wasn’t depressed before, I am now. That was way too schmaltzy even for me.”
Muse leans over and smacks Rod on the leg, “Knock it off you idiot. I swear if you two don’t stop trying to push each others buttons here, I am going to kick your ass from here to Greenland. Are we clear?”
Both guys glare at Muse before nodding and muttering about overachiever muses and the evil things they do.
Q: Damien, Why did it take so long for you to come back after your grandfather died?
A: Damien looks at Muse, “Well I was just unsure of everything. I spent time with relatives *Rod mutters under his breath- and with sexy models* and wolf boy here kept missing me with his messages.
Damien slaps Rod in the back of the head. “I wouldn’t say that in front of Alicia, Rod. She will string you up and beat you if you even mention that; though if you do……I may have to sell tickets because that would be prime entertainment.”
Rod rubs his head and growls in his throat, “Hey, just stating a fact here. You did have several women there or so the gossip rags said and it looked as if they were awfully good looking Damien. You know I won’t say anything; just a tad envious is all. The women all look FINE to my eyes.” Rod then wiggles his eyebrows and leers at Damien comically.
“You know, you are such a player, Rod. I swear if it had two legs, tits and an ass, you would flirt with them no matter what.” Damien says as he tries not to give into the urge to beat his brother senseless.  “Besides what Jaxon would do to you would be so much more fun to watch.” Damien watched as his brother’s eyes glared daggers at him. Snickering softly, he glanced at the muse who had the look of “Why Me” on his face.
“You know you can be such an ass, Damien. I swear if mother hadn’t ingrained some manners in us, I would beat you to a pulp by now.” Rod said as he shifted in his chair. The wolf inside him wanted to lunge at Damien but Rod kept a firm grasp on him.
Q: Rod, You never had a serious relationship with a woman, could it be because you had a thing for Jax?
Damien snorts in laughter, “Yep player all the way. He goes through women like they are going to die out tomorrow.”
“Shut the hell up, you jackass.” Rod said as he lunged at Damien.

“BOYS! Do I need to remind you that if you ruin the said new furniture, I am going to take your asses and staple them to the road?” Muse yelled as Damien jumped out of his chair, knocking it over to escape Rod’s fist.
“You and what army wolf boy” Damien growled as his eyes changed to a red, signaling the dragon’s desire to come play.
A loud bang hit the air and both Damien and Rod looked around finally spying Muse standing up with a determined annoyed look on his face.
Damien and Rod slowly with eyes left on Muse, they sat back down and fixed the chairs.
“If you two are done making complete and utter asses of yourselves, can we please finish this interview so I can kick your butts out and save the furniture from harm?”
Now where were we, oh yeah, Rod, your question.
Rod looks at the muse and blinks, “I swear god made that woman to be the bane of my existence. She is so aggravating and annoying, always ready with a quip or to make you wish you could throttle her. Why me she picks to torment is beyond me.” With grimace, he continues, “But she has a good heart and lately if everyone is telling me right *glares at Damien*, wolf decided that she was it for me and wooing her is dang hard work. I swear the natural charm I have is NOT working with her nor is she letting me call all the shots in our relationship.”
Damien snickers “Though to see him fall for her was a delight. The ladies man of Devon Falls found the one woman who is immune to his charms and seductions. It is great to see all those fireworks between them. I swear if we all bet who would survive between these two, I would put money on Jax. She is a force to be reckoned with when these two are together.”
Rod glares at Damien and just huffs in annoyance at his laughter.
Q: What first attracted you to your mates?
Damien answers “Alicia has a certain love of life about her. She loves to laugh and gives of a certain joy when you see her in the Dew Drop creating the desserts everyone loves here in Devon Falls. The way her eyes sparkled and that smile caught my eye then the rest fell in place for me.”
Rod looks at Damien and sighs, “You know I swear you gotten too romantic for my tastes Damien. With Jaxon, it wasn’t anything in particular. She isn’t what I had in mind as a mate *Damien snickers and says- yeah she isn’t blond with double D’s* and for some reason, she calms us, I mean both myself and the wolf inside me. She keeps me guessing at what is coming out of her mouth and she makes me laugh with her quips. “Rod thinks a bit and continues after clearing his throat, “She draws me like no other woman has and she is the one person I can actually see myself with in years down the road.” Blushing, Rod ducks his head as Damien hoots it up and slaps the chair. “Yeah he has it bad, Muse, don’t you think?”
Muse just watches these two and wonders what he ever did to Raine to put up with these two.
Q: Will Devon Falls always be your home or can you see moving in the future?
A: Both guys look at Muse like he was the one insane.
“Why would we leave? Devon Falls is great place and we have a future here, ties to the community and it is a place were all paranormals, regardless of what/who they are can come and enjoy in utter peace.” Rod says as he smiles softly. “This is home to us though we may go see the world, so to speak but we always come “Home”.
Damien nods his head in agreement, “Yeah, Devon Falls is home to us and we love it here. “
Muse smiles as both guys look so content after answering this.
“So neither of you want to go explore the world and see all the big cities?” Muse teases as he watches Damien and Rod relax in their chairs.
“I did explore a bit and the world is big, scary place, especially if you are a paranormal.” Damien shrugs, “I always felt like I was missing a part of me and when I came back home, it felt so right to be here in Devon Falls.”
Ok I have to ask this last question because the readers are anxious on it……..
Q: Is this the end to the series?
A: Damien and Rod both look at Muse….”Well you tell us. I know Raine has one more planned but after that I can’t say for sure but maybe 2 more books coming but don’t quote me on it.”

Muse smiles sagely, “Now why would I tell you if the series is ending or not.” Grinning widely, “With Jenna and Marc’s wedding coming up, will we hear the wedding bells ring for you two as well?”

Both guys look at muse and stand up in a panic”Oh hell no” both guys say at once. The panicked looks on their face made muse laugh loudly at the way these two tough guys looked like cornered rats.

Muse stands up and motions them to the door, “Relax guys, just teasing. I don’t know what is in store for you all but I can say this, Devon Falls is never, ever boring.”

As Damien and Rod walk out the door, they look back at the muse and you can see the collective relief on their faces as they realized that the torture was done.

Muse sat down with a sigh and clicked off the recorder. “Thank god that was done. Those two are so volatile half the time; it makes me want to smack them down with a stick.”

Looking at disgust at the cold coffee in his cup, he looks around his beloved living room and smiles wickedly, “Now onto the women of Devon Falls.”

Raine’s Bio:

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream. J Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.

Raine Delight is a pseudonym of a self professed book lover and after one too many TSTL characters, decided to see if she could write something a little better. Well many drafts later, Devon Falls series came to together. Check out my book pages to see what is going on with me. My muse is a male nut who likes to leave me to go sip mai tais on the beach and leave me foundering for words; though eventually he takes pity on me and gets my words flowing and characters start settling down.

Personal notes: I live with my own boytoy and two kids. I love Johnny Depp movies and enjoy hiking, reading and watching movies with my family.

My links:

Secret Cravings Publishing: www.secretcravingspublishing.com

Raine, thank you so much for joining me today.  That was a total hoot!  I can see those boys are definitely trouble with a capital 'T'!  I wish you many sales and look forward to reading it.

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