Monday, 12 December 2011

Free Read: Suckered Again

A smile, a touch, a flash of desire
Rough, searching kisses send your pulse rate higher
Frantic hands that can't seem to get enough
Clawing, scraping, the pleasure side of rough
Harsh moans and whimpers echo in the air
What a shame there was no substance there
Just a little fun, you knew that, right?
No, I'm sorry you forgot to mention that last night
In the cold light of day, deep breath and count to ten
Stupid, stupid me, got suckered in again


  1. I can unfortunately identify with this feeling.
    Great poem, bad feelings.

  2. Nice and not so nice! I can actually interpret this in two different directions. In one way, the obvious one, I see that one lover hoped for a deeper connection and the other denied them.

    On the other hand, because there are no distinguished voices, I see this as the the flip-side. The first lover was promised it was just a fling, and the second lover roped them in with strings and feelings.

    Either way, intense!

  3. Wonderful poem Lisa. I think we all can relate to this on some level. :o)