Friday, 18 November 2011


Please note that I am an M/M writer and my posts will have homosexual content, and sometimes graphic sexual content suitable for those of only 18 above.  If this is not your cup of tea, please click on, I shall not be offended :)

This week's twelve comes from Too Much Christmas Spirit, coming soon from Rebel Ink Press...It involves cowboys and eggnog....

 Taking the porch steps in two bounds, Adam pulled open the screen door and bit down on his lip to stop from laughing out loud when Vance shouted from the inside the house, “I said I didn’t want to see any of you sorry sons ‘a bitches until chow time!”  Closing the screen door and then the heavy front door behind him, Adam tossed his keys into the bowl on the hall table and headed for the kitchen.
Adam leaned against the door jamb and surveyed the chaos and devastation that used to be their homely country cottage kitchen.  Six feet of solid, muscled, honest-to-God cowboy stood at the kitchen island, in the middle of what could only be described as a war zone.  Adam’s gaze quickly took in the debris, half expecting to see snipers hiding behind the Ficus and blood spattered bodies lying beneath the huge oak table. 
Vance's usually copper-streaked, shoulder length hair was liberally coated with white flour. There was what could only be described as something “icky” on his chin, and he had splatters of what Adam hoped was whipping cream on his cheeks, nose, lips—okay, pretty much everywhere.  The other thing that Adam couldn’t fail to notice, because it almost knocked him off his feet, was the heavy scent of alcohol in the air.  His gaze fell on the open bottles of brandy and rum on the island among the mess of egg shells, spilled milk and castor sugar.
“Having fun, baby?”
“Hey,” Vance muttered, not taking his eyes from the TV on the counter, nor stopping in his task of stirring something in a large bowl.
“Can I ask what could possibly be more interesting than my homecoming?” Adam drawled, crossing the kitchen and picking his way through the eggshells and pools of whatever the hell it was on the floor.

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  1. Love me some cowboys...leather scents... tight fittin' jeans... that damned hat... ride 'em!

    Great WDD Lisa- very well written

    Dawne P

  2. Wow Lisa, very impressive! I totally enjoyed the descriptions of the story. Great work on your WDD!

  3. Lisa, mmm, wonder what kind of "punishment" is going to be had? Good 12.

  4. Looking forward to this Lisa.

    You are an awesome writer

  5. Impressive descriptions of the place and Vance. I bet the eggnog is for his homecoming.