Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Men - quite frankly - SUCK!


Yes - Mr Depp - even you.

They can't give a straight answer to a straight question.  They text you a million times a day and when you say, look, sorry but I have my own drama, all I was looking for was a shag... they get mean and threatening.

I loved my husband.  I didn't want a divorce - I NEEDED a divorce.  Now we're not together, I'm not looking for the love of my life, because I already married him.  I just want someone who wants to go out for a drink when I'm not with the kids and make me remember what it's like to be Lisa, instead of mummy.

Little did I know that I would be surrounded by creeps, weirdos and downright arseholes.

Thank God for Anne Summers and LoveHoney.  And just when I think I'll be perfectly happy with my bottom drawer than you very much, I start chatting to what seems like a really nice guy who hasn't asked me my bra size or whapped his wang out and has, instead, asked me out for a drink.  So then I'm left with the dilemma of do I just delete the messages and turn to Roger Rabbit, or give him a chance.  They can't all be bastards... can they?

N.B:  And this is my own experience and not to be confused with anyone else's experience because... selfishly enough, I'm not waffling about your's, only mine.


  1. You have to go through a lot of assholes to find one gem.

  2. They are all not bastards, Lisa. I don't envy anyone who is dipping their toe in the dating pool now. Frankly, at my age, I'd probably stick to what's in my bottom drawer than have to start dating again. Ugh. I have a very dear friend who, after a bitter divorce, jumped back in to the dating pool about a year ago. She's had to weed through quite a few frogs to finally find her prince. He's a great guy who treats her with love and respect.

    Hang in there honey. He's out there somewhere. You just might have to go through your own frogs before you find him.


  3. oh heavens, my dear, I would tend to agree with you on most counts. But they can be fun too. Me? I like to think of myself as the one brings 'em to their much as possible.

  4. I'm five days from 30 years married to my honey. I submit my testimony! LOL : )

  5. GO! Maybe you'll get a good pounding. If not, what's the worst, you get to drink on someone else's wallet. Benjamin Russell once told me that women have the upper hand in every relationship....because they have a (I can't say the word he used because it will make me blush. It's a synonym to kitty). He might be the one to warm your sheets when the kids are out to play.

  6. Absolutely!! Go on for that drink, you just never know. Love (lust or somewhere in between) comes when you least expect it. Much luck to you Lisa.

  7. Loved your post - it made me laugh even though I shouldn't be laughing at your bad experiences.

    There definitely are great guys out there, but they tend to be snapped up quickly, then the lucky ladies don't want to let them go.

    I wish you all the best in finding the perfect guy for what you need and until then stock up on batteries and be happy knowing you are a great independant woman.

  8. Hey hunny!

    It takes time.

    I've only been married since 2006. it took me forever to wade through the BS.

    As Sara said, it takes going through the arseholes b4 you find a gem. So very true.
    Hugs hunny and go for the drink

  9. Sympathise! sadly similar predicament myself.
    Am considering printing up a pre-dating drinks fact sheet now, so dumb men know what I want,

  10. Oh God! It doesn't inspire me with confidence.

  11. Go, but try and keep your hopes and expectations low. (Easier said than done, I know.). But that way if he's a loser, you won't feel so bad, and if he's nice you'll feel like you won the lottery! And have an escape planned. Have a friend call you so you can have an "emergency" in case you can't stand another minute with him!