Saturday, 26 November 2011

Guest Star: G A Hauser!

Sit back and enjoy the teaser GA Hauser gives us of her latest release, The Crush... I know I will...

Blurb for The Crush:

Straight thirty-two year old Cooper McDermott knew marrying an eighteen year old pageant queen was a mistake. And after two years, his young wife began a spree of cheating on him, breaking his heart.
Newcomer from New York City to the Los Angeles area, Blair Woodbury joins the staff of the law office where the stunning Cooper McDermott works.  Blair considers himself ‘bisexual’, but has just ended an affair back in New York with a man. It didn’t take long for Blair to get a full blown crush on Cooper, especially when he was asked to represent Cooper in his divorce. Blair knew getting emotionally involved with a man on the heels of a bad breakup was bad enough, not to mention the object of Blair’s desire was straight-
As their friendship grew and they became best buddies, Blair’s crush on Cooper became extreme. When Cooper agrees to go for a ‘boy’s’ weekend in Las Vegas, as his sexual curiosity began to emerge, Blair knew he was in for a wild ride!
Can Blair convince Cooper that his feelings for him are real? Or will this fantasy of Blair’s be simply just a crush on his co-worker.  All Cooper kept hoping was that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Sample Chapter for The Crush:

When the door closed Blair turned to look at Cooper. Cooper appeared mortified.
“What did you want me to say, Coop?” Blair took off the robe and headed towards the whirlpool. “You wanted a private room, right?” He sank slowly into the heat and leaned against the side of the tub, staring at Cooper who had not moved into the room further.
“It’s nice…” Blair sang teasingly. “Come here and join me.”
Cooper took off his robe, hanging it on a chrome hook on the wall.
Blair got his first look at Cooper’s body. It was better than he could have imagined. Tanned, tightly packed, an inverted triangle of hair on his sternum, and to Blair’s complete surprised, Cooper had a tribal tattoo on his left pectoral muscle.
Cooper seemed self-conscious as he made his way over.
Blair licked his lips, tasting the salty sweat that was forming from the hot swirling bath. His gaze ran up Cooper’s long muscular legs to his crotch. The bulge in Cooper’s bathing suit was not enormous, but Blair didn’t care if the man wasn’t huge. He preferred to get fucked by someone average.
Slowly Cooper lowered himself into the whirlpool, across from Blair. Too far away to make contact. When Cooper cupped his balls as he lowered down, Blair smiled in amusement. Once Cooper was settled, Blair made his way like a tiger around the perimeter of the small pool to sit beside him. The jets made a loud echoing noise which would make talking from afar difficult.
Cooper kept his eye on Blair, as if he expected an assault. Blair wasn’t so sure he wasn’t going to assault him. He seemed to have permission.
Blair knelt on the tile bottom in front of Cooper’s knees. Cooper’s blue eyes never wavered from his intense stare.
“How you doing, Coop?” Blair inched closer, about to come in contact with Cooper under the water.
Blair placed a hand on each of Cooper’s knees, waiting. Cooper did nothing. With slow pressure, Blair parted Cooper’s legs, moving to kneel between them.
Cooper stiffed up but didn’t stop him. Once Blair was kneeling between Cooper’s legs he smiled in satisfaction. “You’re not screaming and running for the door.”
Cooper laughed shyly.
Blair ran his hands from Cooper’s knees to his hips, watching his expression. “You are unbelievable.”
“I am?” Cooper appeared genuinely stunned.
“When did you get the tat?”
“Lucinda wanted me to get it. She said it was hot.”
“Holy shit, it’s hot on you, babe.” Blair inched closer. When he met Cooper’s crotch with his body, Blair again waited. Cooper was in a wide straddle, completely exposed, his arms were resting on the sides of the whirlpool.
Blair leaned forward and took a lick of the tattoo. He felt Cooper’s breathing accelerate. “If you don’t stop me, I’m going to keep going.”
Cooper’s Adam’s apple moved with his swallow. He didn’t reply.
Blair held his narrow waist and ran his tongue over Cooper’s nipple. The amount he had wanted Cooper since the first time he had met him in the law office, had given Blair the worst crush he had had in years.
Seeing Cooper as an unattainable straight married man had morphed into having him as a bi-curious divorced man. Blair had no idea how he could have ‘groomed’ Cooper over the months they had been friends, but he was glad he had.


  1. Excellent post! I'm definitely buying that book. I have always loved Ms. Hauser's work. Thanks again for sharing this.

  2. Dude! I started it this morning.... I can't wait to get to this scene. Very hot A. as always! Keep running and writing! I'm so jealous. Of course, I'm trying to keep up. I do have Dec, Jan, and Feb releases and the current WIP is for March. *throws her hands in the air and twirls* I want to be a once a month release writer like my mom... lol

  3. Hot, as always, GA! On my all I need is an 8th day in the week, lol.

  4. Thanks everyone, and thanks to Lisa for sharing a promo spot on her blog. GA

  5. Mmm~ so hot.
    Definitely getting it <33