Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I can see them up ahead
Their weapons are drawn
The fear and the dread
The same expression I'd worn

But that was before
Before the blood and the pain
Trying just to survive
Having everything to gain

Their guns are raised higher
The metal glints in the sun
They are ready to fire
Ready to run

They think they know us
That we don't understand
Mindless killing machines
Together they stand

I shamble along
Another face in the crowd
Amongst the stumbling throng
The hunger pounding so loud

Good thing they don't know
How would they feel if they did?
Would shame for actions be sown
If they lifted the lid?

I want to scream and shout
I'm still me trapped in here!
But only a groaning comes out
Intensifying their fear

I had a life once, things I held dear
I was a wife and a mother
My future was clear
Until death, it drew near

I hear the pulling of triggers
They are standing so strong
I can't help the hunger
I did nothing wrong

This isn't my fault
This was done to me
Won't somebody help me?
Please set me free?

The bullets start flying
The sound is music, so grand
The sound of release
In a winter Zombieland

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