Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Free Read: The Reluctant Bride

IN my nineteenth year the brothel was made
By parents with no morals
Thirty pieces of silver was all he paid
I stood and I watched as they counted their spoils
From the memory of it my stomach still roils
But I made a decision of my own that night

Beneath the glow of cold moonlight
They will pay, I swear
For no wedding gown would they see me wear

Tis the night before my wedding
And they sleep in their bed
The first cut was easy
And the sheets they bloomed red
Their pieces of silver are here in my hand
As in front of the cottage, my home, is where I now stand
I slip my bag in the well for safekeeping
As the sound of a steed over hills I hear creeping
My clothes I now shed and quickly hide too
I need to be naked, clothing wouldn't do
He jumps down from his horse and bangs on the door
Bursts inside and I hear his loud roar
I am unafraid, why would I be scared?
He can't hurt me now, I am well prepared
He's a Warlock he said, to be worshiped and feared
How can it be true when he can't see me near?
I stay on the rug, my eyes honest and true
If he were a Warlock, he would notice their hue
Even though he stares at me, he won't admit that
No, his head he shakes firmly, I'm only the cat
Only the cat...I watch him stride through the door
Oh no, my dear Warlock, I am so much MORE

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