Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Boobs - That's Right - Boobs!

What shall I ramble about today, was the thought that crossed my mind as I sat here at my pc, then it hit me.
Well... not literally... but BOOBS!  WTF? you ask?  Well, I was sitting here and I reached out for a CD and screamed at the pain in my upper back, which brought me to my own arch nemesis....boobs.

The lady above has a very nice pair and, before I had children and my arse starting spreading, that's how big mine were, a nice manageable 38C.  Wow, some of you might think, that's way bigger than mine, but I am naturally big busted, they went from a training bra to a 38B practically overnight, so when they settled at a 38C I was more than happy with that.  But then came the children and the fast food and the faster food and they got a little bigger, then a little bigger which, although my husband didn't complain... I started to.

Now they're more like this, which some of you men out there might go woo hoo to, but keep it to yourself.  It's moronic and demeaning and any man that talks to my boobs instead of my face gets a swift smack upside the head.  Unfortunately, mine don't sit quite as pert as the lovely lady's above, not unless I want to pay a ridiculous amount for a bra that only I and my children will see.

The main thing men, and women who have smaller boobs don't understand is the upper back pain, the permanent strap marks from them biting into the flesh of your shoulders, and the permanent dent beneath them from the underwire that practically cuts you in half.  Not to mention the upper chest pain in the band of muscles across your chest and just the sheer frustration that carrying this excess baggage can create.
I now most men think the bigger the better, way hay!

But is this really better?  For Who?

How can it benefit these women to have boobs this big?  How can it be healthy?  And why would you want to do this to yourself?  There are women who have extremely large natural sized breasts that would kill to have them reduced and yet there are women out there doing this to themselves.

Big boobs?  I'm telling can keep 'em.


Look how tiny her frame is!


  1. I'm currently a 40GG and I've never suffered with back pain or chest pain because of them. You say that it's not worth paying for a bra that only you and your children will see, but that's exactly the problem, the more expensive bras actually fit properly. If you have a bra that fits you properly it'll support you properly without you having back pain from them and they wont dig into your shoulders or your chest. Yes they're much more expensive than bras for "normal sized" girls, but it's so worth spending the money, even if no-one else sees them. But I totally agree with you about women who basically mutilate themselves to have humungous boobs that look ridiculous and must be a pain in the neck (literally) to carry around.

  2. I feel for you Jael, I really do, my sister is a 38HH and I've been desperately trying to get her into a good bra for years - the pain she has suffered is immense and nothing compared to mine.
    I just can't understand the women who do it to themselves on purpose. I understand about self-esteem and if you want to go to a cupsize that is appropriate for your frame that gives you the confidence you want - I'll stand up and applaud - but what sane person says, I'll go from a B to a M or whatever they must be.

    Thank you for commenting :)

  3. Ugh boobs.

    I'm a self-consious mess when it comes to boobs. Even nursing full time mine never even got bigger than a B+ LOL Although, when my milk first came in after having them I took pictures so my dh and I could look back on them and smile, they lasted a week! A whole week of a nice C cup. I know I should be thankful for my always perky, never sagging little ones, but society sucks, and I've been teased mercilessly growing up. Thankfully by dh isn't a big boob man, he always told me "Guys just like boobs. Small, big, it doesn't matter as long as there's a nipple" <-- I love my dh LOL
    Great post Lisa

  4. OOOOOHHH, such a great topic! So ironic because last night, The Husband and I discussed this very same thing. He wondered why men are so attracted to boobs. He is highly turned on by then and notices nice stacks when he sees them. As do I, because I do appreciate feminine curves.
    I must admit, I'm happy with my size and will shop at Victoria's Secret to enhance what God gave me. But, I figured out Victoria's "Secret", it's the only store I buy 34D instead of 34C, so, it's a matter of "Hey, I need a D size!" when the clerk asks. What a marketing ploy! But, I'm suckered, so, it works.
    We also branched off and discussed stretch marks and how I have them due to the expansion during breast feeding and it went to the tummy post you had awhile back as well and how our bodies change due to childbirth, age, etc.
    I suppose we should wear those stretch marks with pride because our bodies certainly "filled" an important purpose at one point and it's a daily reminder.
    What a refreshing post, Lisa. Awesome job! muaah

  5. I just saw today's Cyanide & Happiness cartoon and thought it was appropriate for this discussion :D

  6. Thanks for commenting guys and I'm glad that you and your husband are still thinking about my badge of motherhood post. :)

  7. Omg I'm just a 36B but I'm tiny and anything bigger I think I would tip over, LOL I wouldn't want any bigger for MY body. I'm happy I have mine but they are not necessarily my husband's favorite part of my body.

  8. When I had my babies, I ballooned from a nice solid C-sometimes-a-D cup to a G (or possibly larger). And, yeah, I'm a little out of shape but the boobs aren't budging, because I have lost a fair bit of weight, and they haven't changed. They get in the way. They make shopping for shirts awkward. And the DH loves them. But I really don't. It may just be a matter of springing for an expensive bra, but the truth is, I can only afford ONE good bra a year. So I have to get cheap ones, because just one really isn't an option.

    The worst part is that I hate to have them touched, now (since we're being frank and all.) I asked a doc about that once, and she explained that really, your girls only have a finite number of nerve endings, and when you experience a size change that dramatic over a short period of time, it separates them so much that you can't really feel gentle sensual touches any more. :(

    And I really REALLY don't understand those I-shoved-a-couple-of-beach-balls-under-my-skin implants at all. Not many guys I know actually think that's sexy. & can you imagine how it looks when those gals are lying on their backs and gravity's pulling those babies to the side and down? *snicker*

  9. Yeah, I lost a lot of weight and a lot of sensation in my breasts and I never liked my husband to be too rough with them anymore because there was really empty skin - not pertness - and when I bent down - like two tennis balls in a sock.
    I'm glad you all participate in commenting - makes me feel that I'm not alone.

    And why do men never have they're nuts enlarged? You don't see a bloke with two tennis balls, or basket balls in his shorts - do ya!

  10. Men channel their weirdness about their balls into their dogs, I think. My DH had major problems with getting our dogs fixed. Not so much the cats, tho -- prob because his first boy cat Sprayed all over his pillow... But, yeah, he calls neutering the boy dogs "Breaking" them.

    & I think a lot of them more have the size issues about the penis itself rather than the balls, unless they lose one (which I can understand.)

    Oh, oh, and don't forget the receding hairlines! (and yet, beer guts don't seem to bother most of 'em.)

  11. I always looked at my boobs as good news/bad news. Bad news is yeah, mine are in the "almost A" category. Thank God they started doing the "half cup" sizes about a decade ago. I was sick of shopping in the pre-teen department.

    The good news is since I hate wearing a bra, most of the time I don't have to, unless it something where the nipple color shows through or I want to try for some cleavage with an enhanced push up, lol!

    I run and can't imagine how hard that must be with the huge ones. Now, do I still wish I had more up top? Of course, but only so it balances my "curvy" hips. I'd take a B, but hey, what I have is fine with me and I've never had a guy look disappointed when they got my top off, lol!! As a previous poster's hub said, as long as there's nipples, they're happy! :D

  12. You might look into having a reduction. If you have insurance they may cover int because of the physical effects you're having. Then it wouldn't be considered cosmetic. I was a blessed to do this about 8
    or 9so years ago. Beat thing I ever did and have never regretted it.

  13. I've considered it; we're military & they will cover it as a physical/mental health issue. Prob is I'd almost rather deal with the physical effects rather than have surgery. Yes, I am a big Weenie. Yes, I'm actually ok with that. If my kids were older, I might consider it more seriously, but between the probability of my DH deploying soon & my kids not being old enough to be sufficiently helpful, it's just not practical right now, anyway.

  14. Great post, Lisa! I'm like Erika and the opposite of your problem. I went from a barely B/sometimes B to a solid C during breastfeeding. Now that I'm done nursing, I've gone down to an A. Last time I went bra shopping a few months ago, the sizing woman told me, "Come back when you're completely dried up, hon." And lately, the A's are too big. My friend suggested I try the teen department next. I just might!

    My size isn't really an issue to me (other than finding ones that fit and are cute). The problem is my touch sensitivity. I can't wear underwire at all. And as you may have guessed, there aren't too many sexy or even cute wireless choices, especially for my size.

    I say most people who gripe about breasts should be thankful they have healthy breasts and remind men of that as well. Because so many do not.


  15. I have pretty decent boobs. I'm a C and happy with it. My mom on the other hand, she has an amazing rack. She's 57 38C and they still stand at attention. This woman has breast fed SIX children and when she's letting the girls fly with zero support they're holding their own. Most of the time genetics are a bitch, but in this case I thank the DNA gods every day.

    Oh yeah, and she doesn't have a single stretch mark from birthing those six children.

  16. I am a size 8/10 (british) and have size 34B breasts, l am happy with my size in the main but feel inadequate when men (mine too)leer over big boobs that are usually on a much larger frame. Why do they do that? l don't think of myself as insecure, but it does get to me, especially as l get older and am losing my fullness a little. I like to think that these men have a mother fixation! I agree with Luna, health is what matters, my mother died of breast cancer at 57.