Saturday, 15 October 2011


Of all the bars in all the towns in all the world, the stranger walks into Brody Tyler’s. With no memory and a name he chose from a newspaper, Nash is a gamble—one Brody is willing to take. It isn’t long before Brody and Nash fall in love, but then a tragic accident shatters their cozy world, resetting Nash’s memory once again.

The “new” Nash Walker is a businessman with a bottom line, and he doesn’t care what or who gets stomped on. Waking up in a hospital bed after a hit-and-run with no idea where he’s been for the past six months is bad enough, but someone trying to kill him is even worse. Enter Brody Tyler, accidental bodyguard.

Brody’s determined to help Nash remember and bring back the man he loves. Nash thinks Brody’s a drop-dead gorgeous pain in the ass. If only he could remember….


     Twenty minutes and a very satisfying blow job later, Nash zipped up his pants and goosed Brody as he headed up the stairs to get Olly. “You’re gonna pay for that, Tyler,” he admonished, smoothing down the strands of his hair that Brody’s frantic fingers had disturbed.
     “I look forward to it,” Brody replied as the door to the loft closed behind him.
     “You two make me want to vomit,” Kristie deadpanned when Nash rejoined her behind the bar.
     “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nash replied, picking up a towel and wiping down the bar.
     “Put some extra cologne on if I’m driving you to the wholesalers. You stink of sex.”
     “Shut up!”

     AN HOUR later, Nash had nearly peed himself twice after being regaled with Kristie’s night out with Mr. Right, who had turned out to be Mr. I’m Stinking Rich But Want You to Change My Diaper and Powder My Ass.”
     “So what did you tell him?”
     “I gave him a gift voucher to Babies ‘R’ Us and sent him on his way.”
     “You are bad.” Nash laughed, unclipping his seatbelt after Kristie had pulled to a stop outside the wholesalers.
     “But I’m good at it,” Kristie replied, grabbing her purse from the seat beside her. “Now, be a good boy and go get that barrel for your  strapping young hunk of love. I am going to spend time with some of my favorite things.”
     “Your favorite things?”
     “For God’s sake, don’t be dense, Nash. There’s a shoe store two blocks down.” Kristie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, handing him the keys to the truck before she climbed out.
     “Don’t be long!” he yelled, shaking his head fondly as he watched her walk away on her impossibly high heels. After Nash had exchanged the beer barrel at a reduced price, he closed the tailgate and
thanked the clerk who had helped him out to the truck with it. Smiling to himself, he shoved the keys into his jacket pocket and began to walk away from the wholesalers. They'd passed a bakery a few blocks back, and he was sure Brody wouldn’t turn down a pastry or two, especially if they ate them in bed. Kristie would still be drooling over shoes that she would complain about five minutes after putting them on, so he had plenty of time.
     As he walked, he hummed to himself and wondered how he’d got so lucky when he’d wandered into Brody’s bar. He could have walked into any bar on any street, but he didn’t. He’d walked into Brody’s, not knowing that he would be walking into his future. Looking around him, he made a split-second decision to take a shortcut down an alley between two buildings.
     Nash didn’t see the black sedan that followed him, or the man behind the wheel as he increased speed and headed straight for him. He didn’t see it until the last minute, and when he hit the windshield and landed hard on the ground, his last thought before the darkness was Brody.

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