Monday, 24 October 2011

Proud to wear the Badge of Motherhood

A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy ya...wn. 
One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, 
closed your eyes, and slept in the most perfect darkness. 
One for every time you had the hiccups. 
One for every dream you dreamed within me. 
It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. 
That's OK. It was your home. 
It held you until my arms could, and for that, 
I will always find something beautiful in it. 
~ Cassie Fox

This is perhaps the most beautiful picture and ode to a child I've ever seen.
As a mother, I feel deeply every word she said and cannot agree more.
I look at my two wonderful children and am blessed to not only see
them happy and healthy, but proudly wear the marks that remind me
once-upon-a-time, I was part of a miracle.

Four of my wonderful friends feel the same way and we are
proud and honoured to share with you our very own
Badge of Motherhood.

Alex and Gracie dreamed here

Keegan and Kira dreamed here

Jordan and Nadia dreamed here

AJ, EC, ND and CD dreamed here (Especially for CD and the c-section that brought him safely to his mother's arms)
Lewis and Sam dreamed here
 I want to give a huge shout of thanks to my fabulous four who were brave enough to
stand up with me and share with you the place our children dreamed
That kept them safe from harm and nurtured them while they slept


  1. My tummy looks like that too, but I hated it so much I've self harmed over the top of the stretchmarks and have new scars on top of the old ones. I should learn not to despise the marks of motherhood and embrace them again.

  2. Beautiful post. I'm still crying tears of joys...honestly!

  3. Very lovely ladies. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. This is really wonderful! We should bear our badges of honor well, with honor because we brought beautiful human beings into the world. Thanks for doing this Lisa :) this brought tears to my eyes... Way to go everyone.

  5. I have those from carrying three wonderful children. I also have a scar from hip to hip that marked my decision to repair the damage breast cancer wrought in my life.

    Ah, anonymous. . . love yourself enough to stop hurting yourself.

  6. Thank you everyone.

    Anonymous: I applaud you for being brave enough to comment and I can only hope that you will believe me when I say that those marks are beautiful and are a part of you and your children. And I hope you will realise that you are even more beautiful because of them.

  7. I've said this before but it's worth repeating here. Making a baby is a pain in the ass, kidneys, bladder, boobs, limbs, joints and brain. Your feet get bigger and that's not all. But every change in my body was worth having my two kids who are so lovely and wonderful. They are crazy fun to be around and totally awesome to have in my life. I would do it again and would have many times over if I could have actually kept another pregnancy after my second child was born. I'm super happy to have two kids and love them both so much. There is nothing about the mommy belly to be ashamed about. Giving freely of your self offers up huge rewards.

  8. This was absolutely beautiful.

  9. Lovely post.

    (Stretch-marked mother of one. Really, I look like a zebra in the middle.)

  10. Lisa,
    I have my own, no picture right now, maybe later tonight. But I have rewarded myself with a belly button ring at age 45!

  11. *Bows to the brave women who joined in this.* You all are amazing. Lisa, again, such a wonderful post. I'm proud of every change my body made to safely bring my babies into the world. Anonymous, You are so brave to even post this and I truly hope that you will see them in a new light and know that there is a ton of support out there (here) just have to reach out. Mary, You go girl!!!! xoxoxo

  12. Very nice! What a wonderful ode to motherhood :)

  13. How do I send you a picture Lisa? Not the best, but it's there!

  14. Thank you lovely ladies for allowing us a glimps of the homes of the lives you created. I will wear my stretchmarks and c-section scars proudly.

  15. so cool to come back and see all the great comments! Cheers to us mothers :)

  16. Mary - if you want to send me a picture - I'll add it to the ones already here - I believe we're friends on facebook - so just pm me with it and the names of your children :)