Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Peril of Dating Sites - Part 3 now we have the attractive K.Jazz, OMG I am so sure his mother didn't call him that.  Poor K.Jazz doesn't know English very well...I got that from his question of "How many childs do you have?"  Please...he wasn't impressed when I told him I had 12 childs.  He was also quick to tell me that he would be leaving the country soon, because he's been staying with his friend....but he didn't need a visa...honest...but he did think that we would be perfect for each other and that he wanted to get to know me better with a view to marriage.

K.Jazz was followed by Rob (who I think I mentioned in my previous post)...the 52 year old very good looking...who wanted to know if I was "open-minded" because of his line of work.  Wait for it....he's a male escort...and apparently it's hard to get a proper date because girlfriends don't like him getting paid for sex.  (rolls eyes)

And of course, there was Craig...who had suspiciously large ears, looked like a car with the back doors open...anyhoo I digress.  Craig, bless him, had trouble finding a girl because of his...ahem...size...and I don't mean his ears.  After him asking me if my mouth as well as any of my other orifices were wide enough...I quickly hit delete.

Lastly...there was Richard...who is a genuinely sweet guy whose wife doesn't understand him and they haven't had sex for two years.  *Yawn*  I haven't heard that one before.  At least he was honest and upfront about the fact that all he's looking for is sex...he loves his wife...but is looking to satisfy his needs where she cannot accommodate.  I did tell him I'd be more than happy to long as he left some money on the bedside table.  He informed me he wasn't paying for it...and I informed him that that was the only way he was going to get it.

*Sigh*  I continue on my loves, in the hope of finding a bloke for whom the word "fun" means going to the pictures or out for a drink...not that I will be his "dogging" partner on a Wednesday night while his wife is at bingo!


  1. At least your search makes for an excellent story? No, just kidding. I hope you find intelligent life in cyberspace soon. It's actually how I met my husband. Keep us posted!

  2. Well, at least you're continuing on! I have friends who have on-line horror stories. I haven't ventured to these sites yet. I do have a friend who met someone decent and now they're in love so it can work!