Monday, 17 October 2011

The Peril of Dating Sites - Part 2

I thought I'd start doing a little weekly blog on my trawl through the wonder that is Dating Sites.
I know some of you are going to say, "I met my other half on a dating site and we're perfectly happy" and good for you.  I, myself, met my ex-husband and father of my two beautiful children on a dating site, so I am well aware that they are not all bad...but this is my experience so far...

Earlier on this week, as some of you will have read, I found a charming chap on a dating site who thought the way to my heart was to whack his schlong out on camera for me to "try before I buy" *shakes head in disbelief*  His mother must be so proud.

Anyhoo, I didn't let it put me off.  There's got to be one genuine bloke out there...hasn't there?  Unfortunately, I don't know...haven't found him yet. 

The next chap who started talking to me doesn't live that far away, which is good, seemed nice, again all good...until he divulged that once a month he likes to be Natasha, instead of Mark.

Come ON!  Do I have like a sign on my head?  Not, I hasten to add, is there anything wrong with cross-dressing at all - I'm not that narrow minded - I write gay porn for christ's sake...but when he looks better as a woman than I do, I have to draw the line.

Then we have today's other classic...who says that he's a 52 year old male escort, and would it bother me if he were to have sex with other women, if we were a couple.  I replied that it wouldn't bother me, if it didn't bother him if I had sex with other which he said that he wasn't sure he could handle that.  Well...Houston we have a problem then don't we.

Please....I just want to meet a normal who likes fish with his chips...won't whack his bits out everywhere we go...won't spend more time in front of the mirror than me...and not get paid by lonely old women to have sex with them....

Am I asking too much?

Let's see what next week brings.


  1. I have a theory...I assume the sites you're on are all free sites. I think the guys that frequent these sites are just chancers. If there ARE genuine guys out there (which I have my doubts about sometimes), I think they're on the paid-for sites. The very fact that they have to fork out money to be on the sites means they're semi-serious about it anyway. The problem is those sites are bloody expensive and I'm not prepared to chance it only to find the same old nutters lol.

  2. Oh, don't you just love the old double standard! YOU cannot see other men, but HE can! Laughing at that, but it seems to be the norm. Grrr.

    There ARE some normal chaps out there. But they're all probably tired of 'net' dating just like you...have probably run into their share of weird girls. LOL..

    At least you can say that you're getting some wonderful experience and meeting a wide variety of men.

  3. You don't know just how freaking the human population is until you've joined a dating site. Good luck honey. I have a feeling you're going to need it.

  4. Haha...I mean, awww. I'm sure things will pick up ^.^

  5. Just be glad you're not a gay man. It's practically standard procedure to whip your willy out before you even meet. I once asked a guy what he liked to do for fun and he went into great detail about his sexual preferences when what I really meant was whether or not he had any hobbies.

    I am so glad to be single and NOT dating!

  6. Honestly, from my history with dating sites, you're doing pretty good love.