Sunday, 23 October 2011

Free Read - The Vampire's Lament

There is no light, not the smallest spark

Everything echoes so loud
I can hear them crying above
As I lay in my shroud

I lie so still
Is it time?

I feel no fear, for he is waiting
There is no reason, no rhyme

The rebirth is hard
The journey long
His voice is so sweet
Urging me on

I break through the surface
My journey is over
My love is waiting for me
This mortal coil is done

He takes my hand
Kisses my cold lips
Now together, forever
Eternally bound


  1. Loved this poem so much that I would like to steal it.

  2. You're good at poetry. You should write it more often.

  3. Great poem!I can't wait to read more of your poetry and writing!

  4. Very good. Great mix of words, emotions and imagery.