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Please welcome Batti Patti to the sofa as she regails us with a little bit about herself *yawn* and then teases us with excerpts from her latest tales...wake me up when she's finished will you?

Chasing Deuce

“Hey Colt,” the deep baritone of Slade Devlin’s voice slid up Colt’s back, ending in a shiver as the sound circled his body and gripped his cock. Colt, at six foot one actually had to crane his chin upward another several inches to meet the eyes as black as obsidian. He was sure they were some sort of brown in color but they were so dark and piercing that Colt shivered when the man looked down into his. As tall as Slade was, he was also strikingly built. His muscular body was one of the first things that Colt had noticed about him and had been attracted to. Slade was a master plumber, the best that Austin Plumbers had and his work clothes consisted of navy or black muscle T-shirts and khaki’s or faded blue jeans. No plumber’s crack here, no sir. The man was all man, from the tip of his closely cropped head with the devilish widow’s peak, to the bottom of his steel-toed Wolverine’s.
Colt cleared his throat and deliberately took a sip of the hot coffee he’d just poured as he stood in the break room Monday morning. He looked up at the olive-complected man in front of him. “Morning Slade,” Colt answered smoothly, breathing deep to slow his suddenly rapid heartbeat.
Slade smiled, and began a slow loop around Colt, looking him up and down as if to admire the goods. Colt tried and failed to stop a shiver that coursed through him. When Slade stopped in front of him, he advanced on Colt, causing Colt to stumble backwards nearly slopping his coffee as his butt hit the counter behind. There was nothing he could do but stare up into the dark eyes of the larger man. Colt’s lips opened slightly and he huffed out a breath as Slade leaned forward. He was inches from Colt’s face and he placed both hands on the counter behind Colt, effectively trapping him between thick biceps on either side. The smell that hit Colt’s nostrils was one of pure testosterone covered weakly by a spicy soap, clean and tangy. Colt’s cock thickened painfully and unable to reach down and adjust it, all he could do was stand there as a crooked grin spread across Slade’s face.
“How are you, sexy,” Slade purred. He just loved watching what he did to Colt. The man had been fighting the attraction to him for years and Slade adored making him uncomfortable. He knew he shouldn’t be going after a man with a partner but the guy was just such a complete and utter turn on, Slade couldn’t leave Colt alone. He had become Slade’s drug of choice.
“Ah… I’m fine Slade,” the man answered lightly. Slade stared at his lips and then raised his eyes to gaze into two of the most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen on a man. He immediately sensed that something had changed. He saw not only interest in the familiar eyes this morning but also a deep lust and a little humor. He was so taken aback by it that he straightened to his full six foot five inch height and looked down at Colt.
“Yeah, somethin’ you want to tell me Colt? Did you finally dump that boyfriend of yours and decide to take me up on my offer?” He watched as Colt’s lips turned up at the corners and he almost creamed his jeans. For a guy who’d just lost his boyfriend, he sure seemed pretty happy.
“No, no, Deuce and I are still very much together and as a matter of fact, we’re very happy together. I was going to talk to you though. I’m kind of glad you found me first,” he said. Slade was floored. He’d been getting rejections from Colt for so long; he never thought he’d actually get a positive response from him, if that’s what this was. He folded his arms across his muscled chest and waited.
“So what’s goin’ on Colt? Why’d you want to find me?”
“Well the offers that you’ve been making to me all these years, they would include my partner Deuce, right?” Colt stared at Slade with those beautiful eyes and Slade was gob smacked.
“Wow. Really, you’re wantin’ a threesome with me?” His cock stiffened and pushed against his zipper. “Jesus! It’s my wet dream come true.” Slade reached down and smoothed his palm over his thick erection trying to straighten it from where it ran down one side of his pant leg. “Shit just thinkin’ about fuckin’ you has got me harder than a brick.”
Colt dropped his eyes to the impressive thickness running down the right side of Slade’s jeans. He looked up at the taller man. “Jesus, that’s a beauty Slade.”
“And believe me it’s all yours and your boyfriend’s,” he moaned, rubbing harder. He was going to come in his pants before they ever got out of the break room. Colt was dangerous to Slade’s sanity.
“Then that’s all we want,” Colt replied. “We want a little fun and games and I can’t promise you anything other than one unbelievable night, but we’ll sure as hell make it count.”
“Wow. Okay, well when?” Slade knew he sounded like a needy little bastard but he’d waited a very long time for Colt’s ass.”
“How about Saturday night? You can come over for an early dinner and get to know Deuce. Then, if the mood is right for all of us, we’ll do this.”
Slade leaned forward and put his hands on Colt’s hips so fast, the man probably never even saw it coming. He took a step forward and connected their groins as he dove in for Colt’s lips. Colt gasped as Slade took charge of the kiss. Slade moaned and shoved his tongue inside Colt’s hot open mouth. It had been so many years of chasing and now catching was something Slade was going to savor. He fuckin’ loved Colt Anders and felt like he’d just been given the most precious gift of his life. Colt’s coffee flavored mouth tasted exactly like Slade had hoped. He was lost almost the moment their mouths connected. 

Ooooooh - can't wait for Chasing the Dream - isn't there a story by some English bird in there? I warn you people, Chasing Deuce is hot, hot, hot - you WILL need to open a window before reading ;)

Captive Lover  (on the bestseller list at ARe you know)

Dylan Yates isn’t a bad person but he’s fallen in with the wrong guy. Marcus Tucker is a big, bad and very beautiful biker who runs a huge criminal empire. Dylan hooks up with Marcus for a night of all out hot sex and only too late realizes that Marcus is into young boys, kids in fact. Dylan backs out of their planned evening together after meeting up with one of Marcus’s very young lovers and fearful that Dylan will expose him for what he is, Marcus decides upon a plan to make sure that the handsome Dylan will not expose his dark side.
Marcus kidnaps Jared Yates, Dylan’s nine-year-old brother and threatens to “break him in” if Dylan doesn’t do exactly what Marcus wants. Dylan’s assignment is to kidnap and guard a man named Connor Black until Connor’s very wealthy family can pay to get him back. What Marcus doesn’t suspect, is the attraction that the two men feel for each other, the instant that they meet.
While in Dylan’s custody, Connor is at first afraid and then becomes angry. And who better to take out his rage upon than his kidnapper, Dylan. What surprises Connor is that Dylan, his big tough kidnapper refuses to fight back. Dylan is powerfully attracted to Connor but won’t allow himself to become attached to the man that he fears he will eventually be ordered to kill if he wants to get Jared back safe and sound.
Little by little Connor realizes that Dylan is reluctant in his task to guard him and he begins to trust Dylan. Even more powerful than trust, Connor finally realizes his own deep attraction to the beautiful man. Is it just Stockholm Syndrome or is it something more? As the two men are forced to live together in the cramped surroundings of Marcus’s hideout, the walls between them crack and finally fall. Dylan gives in to his longing and he and Connor become lovers. When Connor finds out the truth of who’s behind the kidnapping and the hold that Marcus has over Dylan, he is determined that they face the menace together.
Marcus has waited long enough. Day after day Connor and Dylan have begged Connor’s father to raise the funds needed. The problem is, Connor’s father is wealthy but his wealth is tied up in real estate that is impossible to liquidate in such a short period of time.
Faced with his worst nightmare and desperately in love with Connor, Dylan must now decide how to handle the situation and keep Connor alive while keeping Jared safe from Marcus’s clutches. Dylan goes to Connor with his dilemma and they decide that they must escape so that Jared isn’t harmed. Trying to get away from a man like Marcus Tucker and his armed guards isn’t an easy thing to do. 

Fantastic story - go - buy it - NOW!


A Very Good Year

Carlo watched the play of emotions across Dmitri’s face. The lust was obvious and Carlo was amused that Dmitri schooled himself to try to hide it. The disgust was a surprise. What on earth didn’t this small town vintner see in a world famous man such as himself? It wasn’t that he thought over much of his assets; he was just confident. Carlo just knew that he was the premier wine critic in the world and had worked extremely hard to keep that reputation. It was hard not to come off in a hoity-toity manner when you knew what he knew. He tried to be as humble as possible when he wrote about the wines but one of the things about being a critic was that he became a target of criticism himself if his review was less than flattering. His reputation, thank god, remained solid because he knew what he was doing, but the lies about his love life got to him at times and had cost him more than one loving relationship. However he tried to keep his love life private, the tabloids seemed to love a gay billionaire and they did their very best to destroy his lovers as well as himself with lies and innuendo. 

“I’m sure you would like a tour of the operation we have here,” Dmitri offered. “I’d like to accompany Jenny while she shows you around if that’s all right?”

“That’s exactly what we were gonna do Dmitri, come and find you and ask you to join us,” Jenny replied.

Carlo translated the phrase in his head and so was slightly slow in answering. When he did, he smiled. Dmitri swallowed hard. The man was stunningly beautiful, angelic of face and with two well placed dimples on his cheeks, it was all Dmitri could do not to tackle him and fuck him then and there. Carlo clapped his hands together and said “Meravigliosa,” which sounded close enough to the word “marvelous” that both Jenny and Dmitri nodded and turned to walk out from under the porch. Dmitri followed Carlo and Jenny toward the vineyard.

The stunning Italian had removed his suit coat and it was folded and draped over one arm. His high tight ass had Dmitri ready to faint. The cut of the outrageously expensive suit pants outlined a tiny thong which Carlo wore underneath the white fabric and the rounded curves had Dmitri sweating under the Stetson. He was certain that he had giant sweat circles visible on his cambric shirt, even though it was morning and the heat of the day hadn’t even arrived. He silently cursed the lustful longing for Carlo’s ass and thought better of the decision to join them on their little tour. The last thing Dmitri needed was to set a bad impression for Jenny or the Lazy E Vineyards. The sight of the Lazy E’s vintner jacking his cock off in the barrel hall probably wouldn’t earn Jenny the appraisal she needed but if Dmitri didn’t get away from this man, that’s just what was gonna happen. Holy shit what an ass!

Carlo stopped his broken English and wild hand gestures and turned to draw Dmitri into the conversation. It was everything he could do to stop himself from laughing out loud when he noticed Dmitri’s eyes riveted to his ass. It was even more amusing when Dmitri tried to pretend that he hadn’t been staring at it. Dmitri Hernandez and those mahogany curls and golden eyes was going to be hard to resist, but resist he must, at least until he’d written his critique. He didn’t want Dmitri or Jenny to get the impression that Dmitri’s performance in Carlo’s bedroom had anything to do with his opinion of the winery or its vineyard.

Ooooooooh - can't wait for this one :)

Thank you for joining us today Patti my love - happy sales :)


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