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In the midst of ending a miserable relationship, gentle physical therapist Gage Neary has been accused of the most horrific of crimes -- murder. As a number of his patients die of poisoning, the evidence seems to point to him, and he becomes the prime suspect in the FBI investigation. Cody Redsun, the smokin’ hot FBI agent assigned to investigate the crimes, decides that it’s Gage he’d rather probe for answers.

When they find their lives threatened, Cody gives himself a new assignment; keep Gage alive until he can find the actual killer. While the true menace to the two men seems to be clear, Cody hides a tortured past that is just as threatening to their deepening bond. As the danger heats up, so do the two men, burning only for each other and the fiery passion that promises to consume them.

Rating: 4 Lulus
After reading Leather Nights, I was looking forward to another great book by Patricia Logan.  Unfortunately, I didn't get one.  I got a fantastic book!  As much as my favourite line is in the first Armadillo series, this one blew me away.  

Cody - our lovely, sweet, hot, Cody.  All tortured soul and gossy black hair, sigh.  

Gage - passive, sweet, except in the bedroom, accused of a crime he didn't commit, sucked into a web by a former abusive lover.

Okay...I have to admit that maybe the sex between them comes a little soon in the book - but we all know men are sluts, bless them, and so it's not unrealistic, just a personal taste.  The connection between the two men is instant and it's not just a wam bam, suck my dick man.  You know there is going to be more, and that the feelings are there from the word go.  

Patti builds strong characters and I love how we see Jake and Cade and Tyler in this one too, and then get a little glimpse of Kyle who is in the third book of the series, Warrior Nights.  Made me smile and tingle with anticipation.

We see how Cody would risk everything, including the career he loves to protect Gage.  He knows that he should take himself off the case because he's sleeping with the prime suspect, of course he does, he's not an idiot.  But how many of us have known what we SHOULD do and still led with our heart? And that's what this book has, tons of heart.  

I thoroughly enjoyed it and Ms Logan is not only one of my favourite people, but one of my favourite authors.

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