Friday, 16 September 2011


Hello my pretties and welcome to Flash Fiction, Friday where you will find one hundred words per week based upon a picture chosen at random by either myself or my other cohorts in this marvellous adventure.  Some may be turned into a continuing play, so make sure you follow the links both within the one hundred words and at the bottom of this post to see what delights await you.  This week's inspiration was chosen by Muffy Wilson, the minx...

“I can’t believe this,” Silvia hissed.
“Yeah, so you said,” Dan replied sarcastically, snorting out a disgruntled laugh and wiping at the rain coursing down his face.
“I so want to kill you right now.”
“It’s not my fucking fault!  I don’t control the Goddamn weather!”
“Not your fault?”  Silvia squinted into the downpour.  “You were the one who suggested skinny-dipping to “spice” things up. Besides, I think the rain is the least of our problems.”
“How was I supposed to know someone was going to steal our clothes?”
“Just shut the fuck up, Dan, and find the Goddamn car!”


Joining me today are a bevy of other beauties and one gorgeous guy who are the fantastically talented authors who have contributed to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction: Bonni Sansom, Katie HarperLani Rhea, Muffy Wilson, J P Archer,  Rhea Archer, Patricia LoganChris QuintonLaura Harner, Sara YorkChris PowerHeaven Leigh EldeenVenus CahillGemma Parkes, Benjamin Russell.  Please click on their names and stop by their blogs to read five very different interpretations of the same picture.

In addition, I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to my friends Silvia Violet, a fantastic fellow author and Dan Skinner, photographer extraordinaire for agreeing to be this week’s guest stars in my FFF fantasy.  Please click on their names within the one hundred to stop by their pages and find out what kind of mischief they’ve been getting into.  Make sure you click on both of Dan's names within the fic as he has two pages!!!

Thank you for supporting Friday Flash Fiction.

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  1. That was so funny. Poor couple lost their clothes.

  2. I loved it. Had me laughing. Great job!

  3. LOL This had me laughing, too. Well done, Lisa! xo

  4. I'm with everyone else it made me laugh. Loved it Lisa!

  5. Really funny Lisa! Loved it!

  6. Brilliant! Inspired, even! LOL!

    Oh, btw, how do I get some of Dan Skinner's art on my website???

  7. Lisa, that was too funny, you have an "interesting" sense of humor. Damn, for all the hell poor Dan is catching, he should have gotten lucky instead of just going skinny-dipping.

  8. Love it. Love the interplay between the couple.

  9. I seriously needed a laugh this morning! You are a jewel Lisa! Great job.

  10. That was so funny and the dialog so clever. Shut the fuck up, Dan!! LOL:) xo

  11. Nice job of capturing the tension between the couple. I bet the make up sex will be intense