Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Taste Teaser - No Strings Attached

Here's a little taste teaser from my re-released short story from Dreamspinner Press - No Strings Attached.

Let me set the scene...

Lucas has ventured out to an underground gay club in the heart of the city.  He has no idea what he's doing there until he catches the beautiful green gaze of the most beautiful man he has ever seen.....

"No names, no strings," he whispered, leaning in close, so close that Lucas could feel Green Eyes' breath on his lips. "Come on," Green Eyes urged, pulling on the belt loop. "Let's dance."
Lucas put his empty bottle down on the bar and allowed Green Eyes to lead him through the crowd and to a space on the dance floor. The space was big enough to fit them in if their bodies were pressed up tight against each other. Which they were. Lucas took the time to study the man in front of him, looping his arms around Green Eyes' waist. Green Eyes' open thighs were on either side of Lucas' leg as he ground his hips against Lucas in time to the music.
Lucas swallowed past the sudden dryness of his mouth as he moved with Green Eyes, and the other man's obvious arousal slid up and down Lucas' muscular thigh. Green Eyes was only slightly shorter than Lucas, maybe three inches, with short, spiked light brown hair gelled to look like he'd just got out of bed. Lucas moved his hands up Green Eyes' back, his fingers flexing over the hard muscles that moved beneath Green Eyes' skin and Lucas felt himself get harder.
The music pounded through them and Green Eyes looked up into Lucas' eyes in the strobe lighting that flickered overhead in time to the beat. Lucas watched as Green Eyes' tongue snaked out to moisten his lips, lips that were meant to be kissed and licked and fucked. Green Eyes smirked and moved his hand down Lucas' arm to grasp his fingers. Turning, Green Eyes pulled Lucas through the crowd and toward the fire exit, which was lit by a green neon sign. Green Eyes glanced around them, then pushed on the bar and dragged Lucas out into the night air.
Lucas looked around them, noting that they appeared to be in a secluded alley at the back of the club. Empty kegs and pallets were strewn around on the ground and Lucas briefly thought that this must be where the deliveries were taken into the bar.
Green Eyes wasted no time. He grabbed fistfuls of Lucas' T-shirt and forced him up against the wall, slanting his lips over Lucas’.  Tongues collided, their warm breath swirling around them like a gentle mist when it hit the cold air as they tongue-fucked each other's mouths. Hands roamed feverishly over hard muscles and even harder cocks as they licked, kissed, bit, and sucked over every piece of skin they exposed. Lucas didn't notice the cold, too caught up in the moment. The heat they were creating between them was all he needed. Green Eyes pulled his lips away from Lucas', sliding his mouth across Lucas' cheek towards his ear.  The man’s breath was hot on the sensitive skin of his throat and Lucas shuddered under his touch.
"I've wanted to do that ever since I saw you in the line," Green Eyes murmured.
The raw desire dripping from Green Eyes' voice made Lucas' knees buckle and he spread his legs a little as he tried to get a better purchase on the wall behind him. Green Eyes seemed to take that as an open invitation; he moved even closer and ground his arousal into Lucas'.
"God," Lucas groaned as he tried to suck in more of the air that Green Eyes was intent on stealing from his lungs. Lucas' heart pounded against his ribs as he felt hard ridge of Green Eyes' cock pressing against his. When Lucas had made the decision to come out tonight, he hadn't known what he wanted. Instinctively, Lucas now knew it was this: this gorgeous man pressed hard against his body.


  1. Whew *fans self*

    Very hot miss

  2. Was going to buy, but don't see it available.