Friday, 26 August 2011


Welcome to Friday Friends with one of my Friday Flash Fiction partners, the lovely Bonni Sansom!

She has very kindly agreed to answer some questions for me as I pop her blog guest cherry...are we sitting comfortably, then we'll begin....

Thank you for joining me on the sofa, Bonni and for agreeing to answer some questions for us.  

1.         So who is Bonni Sansom?

Bonni is a wife/mom first and foremost. Whose family is everything to her. She is also a very passionate writer of erotic romance. She lives through the lives of her characters, enjoys their company, celebrates their triumphs, experiences their most intimate moments and cries with their tragedies. Of course she also rejoices in their HEA.  She grew up in the Deep South, with the guidance of loving parents. She’s just a small town girl who loves to laugh, be herself and write from the heart.
2.         Tell us a bit about your current WIP / latest release.

Eternal Bliss is an erotic love story between a sassy wedding planner and a hot firefighter. They meet accidentally, but sparks fly that ignites a passion that cannot be denied. It’s a passionate piece that’s close to my heart because it was my first wip. These characters Laine and Kyle have been my constant companions for the last two years, so when I finish with it, I’ll truly miss them.

 3.         How do you work, do you pick a title first, or characters names, or how they look?

Usually the characters pick me. They come to me in the shower of all places and start telling me their stories. I bought bath crayons just for the occasion. Sometimes they come to me with names and sometimes they come to me with their story. I don’t plot or plan I truly let the characters lead, and they never steer me wrong.

4.         When did you know that writing was your passion?

I’ve always known writing was a passion. I wrote poems in high school, I’ve almost always kept a journal, and I just enjoy being able to tell a story. I don’t really think it’s a passion, but more of a calling.

5.         What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

My first book was Eternal Bliss and while I have not yet been published I hope to be under contract very soon.

6.         What some don’t realize is that writing is a discipline and you have to proportion a part of your day to it – how long does it usually take you to complete a manuscript?

It depends on the story. If it’s a short it could be completed in as little as a couple of weeks. If it’s a full length novel, it usually takes me months to complete. I spend the majority of my day pecking away on various stories, with very diverse characters.

7.         Do you outline your plots first?  Or are you like me and just go hell for leather?

As I said before I don’t plot, I just go with it letting my characters surprise me the whole way through. I totally write from the seat of my pants.

8.         Out of your body of work – do you have a favourite character?

Yes I have a favorite. Laine has to be my favorite character because she is most like me. We would be BFF’s in real life.

9.         If you were to offer advice to someone starting out, what would you say?

Depends on whether or not it’s a passion or a fancy. I would ask them “If you knew without a shadow of a doubt you would never be published, would you still write?” If the answer was “yes”, then I would tell them to go for it. If the answer was no, then I would tell them to find another career.

10.       Who are your favourite authors, in any genre?

There are too many talented authors to list, but my favorite genre is erotic romance. Anything romance actually.

11.       If you hadn’t chosen writing, or rather, writing hadn’t chosen you, what do you think
            You would be doing for a living?

If I weren’t writing, I suppose I would be a truck driver. That’s what I did before I became a mother. It was so much fun traveling all over the country seeing the sights. I miss it.

12.       What do you do in your free time?  And don’t say writing!

What free time? I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 13 yr old son. I have no free time.

13.       What makes you laugh?
My kids make me laugh every day. But my characters for the most part keep me in stitches. Especially Laine, she’s a real sarcastic, feisty character.

14.       What irritates you most about other people?

I get seriously irritated with peoples negativity. Life is way too short to be bummed out about every little thing. I think you should find a way to laugh at everything except death and taxes.

And finally….

15.       Would you like to share with us your favourite joke? 
I don’t think I have a favorite joke. There are too many really good ones. For instance on my blog each week I have the joke of the day and it seems to be a popular thing.

Thank you for coming to chat, Bonni it has been a blast and I don't think you'll have any trouble getting a contract, having read your teaser and your other stuff, I have no doubt it'll be snapped up soon.

It's been a pleasure talking with Bonni and you can find her at:-

And here’s a little taster of  Eternal Bliss - enjoy!

Kyle was doing all he could not to come in his jeans. She was so fucking beautiful when she came. Her pale pink nipples beaded even harder. Her skin flushed a pretty rose color, her muscles quivered; her moans had just about made him look like a teenage boy. He was seconds from joining her in ecstasy. Her pussy had been so slick and hot he’d wanted to dive right in.
He knew he wouldn’t last very long, not the first time anyway. He planned to make love to her all night. She might just be the one he’d finally get to hold through the night.
 He’d never really been in a relationship before, but he was willing to give it a try. Of course, he hadn’t expected the woman of his dreams would be rich. So rich in fact that she could fit his house inside her kitchen. That’s not intimidating at all. 
“Take off your pants.” She unbuckled his belt and flicked open his button. He took over, his zipper making a rasping sound. His cock sprang free into her hands. It took all of his control not to come in her hands. He did his times tables, he thought about mowing the grass, he thought about doing his taxes, anything to make it to her sweet pussy. The musky smell of her arousal permeated the air, charging him.
She backed away from him and slid her skirt down the long expanse of her legs. The black heels she still wore made them even longer. He imagined taking her from behind, her legs spread, heels on, in nothing but her little scrap of a thong. He noticed her eyes bulge at the sight of him, she flushed a pretty pink color, and her nostrils flared.  She eyed the bead of pre-come and licked her lips, but he knew he’d never last in her mouth. She stroked his shaft torturing him. “Dammit, baby I don’t want to come in your hands.” She stopped stroking him.
“I don’t want you to come in my hands either. I want to feel you inside me.” He toed off his boots, kicked off his jeans, and donned a condom in seconds. He backed her to the bed laid her down, positioned himself at her entrance, and slid in one unbearable inch at a time. “Damn, your tight baby,” he said through clenched teeth. She locked her legs around his waist, her heels digging into his ass, spurring him on. His thrusts were jerky and halting. He was just a few seconds away from coming. Two times two is four. Two times three is…I don’t give a damn.
He felt her pussy vise grip him, her orgasm washing over both of them. He pumped a few more times and let go, coming in jerky spurts.
 “You’re amazing, baby.” He rested his forehead against hers. They were both covered in a light sheen of sweat, both out of breath, both satiated for the moment. He caught his breath and rolled off of her pulling her to rest on his chest. God, he could get used to this. He didn’t want to, but he had to get up to dispose of the condom. “Which one of these doors is the bathroom?” He stood looking at two walls and three doors. He didn’t want to look like an idiot walking into a closet.
“Second door on the right, but hurry back I’m still horny.” She stretched out on her bed, giving him an incentive to return quickly. Damn, he knew she’d be a wildcat in bed. And, she was definitely not a Minivan. But, then the thought of her being one didn’t really matter one way or the other. He just wanted to be with her.


  1. Thank you for coming on hunnybunny - I had a blast and I can't wait to see the words Eternal Bliss on the cover of your first release ;)

  2. Thank you for having me. I enjoyed opening myself up to you.

  3. Oh Wow - Two hotties - Ms. Lisa & Ms Bonni in the same room and on a couch no less, a dream come true. Ladies I loved the interview and the opportunity to learn a little more about Ms Bonni, the Southern Belle. I'm also surprised that the teaser for Eternal Bliss didn't set my laptop on fire. Hugs to two of my favorite Ladies :-)