Friday, 26 August 2011


Hello my pretties and welcome to Friday Flash Fiction, where you will find one hundred words per week based upon a picture chosen at random by either myself or my other cohorts in this marvellous adventure.  Some may be turned into a continuing play, so make sure you follow the links both within the one hundred words and at the bottom of this post to see what delights await you.  This week's inspiration was chosen by Katie Harper...

 “Happy anniversary, baby.” Andrew smiled at Sue as they waited for the elevator. A couple were already inside when the doors opened, so he guided his wife towards the back of the metal box, glancing at the couple in irritation. He’d hoped to get Sue all wet and needy on the ride up to the penthouse.  She probably wouldn’t have gone for it anyway, you know she doesn’t go for PDA.
The couple got out on the next floor and Andrew found himself against the glass wall, her hands inside his shirt, tongue between his lips.  Okay, maybe she does.

Joining me today are a bevy of other beauties and one gorgeous guy who are the fantastically talented authors who have contributed to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction: Bonni Sansom, Katie Harper ,  Lani Rhea, Muffy Wilson, J P Archer,  Rhea ArcherChris QuintonFinless, Sara YorkBetty CarltonBenjamin Russell.  Please click on their names and stop by their blogs to read five very different interpretations of the same picture.
In addition, I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to my fellow author friends Andrew Grey and Sue Brown for agreeing to be this week’s guest stars in my FFF fantasy.  Please click on their names within the one hundred to stop by their pages and find out what kind of mischief they’ve been getting into.

Thank you for supporting Friday Flash Fiction.

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  1. wow- quite a collection of authors you have Lisa
    Dawne P

  2. Excellent FFF Lisa. Loved the PDA. Your couple doesn't look like they have a problem with PDA i the picture. Well done!

  3. Thanks Lisa

    I'm so flattered.


  4. I love this turn as well...always fun getting to know something new about our partner.

  5. I love the PDA concept! Such a turn on! Well done, Lisa! Loved it!

  6. I enjoyed this so much!! It really says allot about how little, even as couples, we know about one another. Anything is possible...even PDAs!! Well done, Lisa:) xo

  7. LOVED THIS!! When the 100 ended I actually got mad! Please do the world a favor and finish this scene. Great job!!

  8. Ok, will somebody please tell me what's wrong with a little PDA on the side, even when you know people are looking. They're just jealous. Sue should have "flashed" that other couple.

    Hey Ms. Lisa, nicely done - loved it. Mr. Andrew has a real treat in store for him.

  9. This made me smile. We had a similar view through this widow of imagination. Good job.