Thursday, 21 July 2011


I've decided - because it's Thursday and because it's my blog and well...just because....

I'm going to post pics today of MY men - did you hear the vehemence in the MY, ladies?  As long as you remember that, we'll get along fine ;p - LMAO

No.1 - a fanfiction girl's dream *sigh*

No.2 - a giggling Mr Ackles (mine by the way)

No.3 - the gorgeous Mr Kane  (he gives good hugs and back rubs - take it from me)

No.4 - look at the pretty boy - Mr Padalecki

No.5 - my favourite picture of all time (and yes that is me in the glasses)

No.6 - I'm not sure if this is my favourite of all time actually (very odd having to spit out a mouthful of Padalecki hair 'cause he smooshed me so hard)

And No.7 -  the beautiful (and mine) Jason Manns, signing my tattoo of his guitar (Picture of which Mr Ackles saw minutes after I'd had it done and sent it to Jason (my other claim to fame - Jensen Ackles has seen my broken bleeding body with a giant attractive ink tide mark on it.)