Monday, 11 July 2011

Mini Fic Monday - #5 - Time to Go


Mike stood by the window, looking out across the field.  The sun had broken through the clouds and it cast an almost angelic glow upon the waving grass.  He wished he had his camera with him so he could capture the moment forever.

“Hey Mike,” he turned and watched Dean come into the room.  His heart missed a beat as it always did when he saw Dean.  Even after all this time, the mere sight of him still made his pulse quicken and his breath hitch in his throat.

“Hey yourself.”  Mike watched as Dean lowered himself into the chair, his eyes downcast. He knew this was hard for him, how could it not be?  But there was no other choice.  The decision had already been made – this was the only way this could end.

“I'm sorry I wigged out last night,” Dean's lips curved in a rueful smile, “You always did say I was the girl and I guess I've proved it in more ways than one over the last few weeks.”


“This is so hard man, I wish you could just tell me what I'm supposed to say,” Dean ran his hand through his hair, hair that looked like it could do with a wash and Mike noted that he was still wearing yesterday's clothes.

“Dean, baby,” he moved towards the chair and reached out his hand to place it on Dean's shoulder, “you stink man, when was the last time you showered?”

Dean huffed out a dry laugh.

“Dean, we both know this is the best thing, the right thing,” Mike wanted to kiss him so badly but knew that he couldn't, not now.

Dean clasped his hands together, his hazel eyes filling with tears. “I know this is the right thing,” he said softly, “I know I have to let you go, that it doesn't matter what I want or need.  But I thought we were gonna make it you know?  That we were gonna be together forever.”

“Me too,” Mike whispered, “but we can' know that, we both know that.”  Mike laid his cheek against the top of Dean's head.  Smiling softly as he felt Dean lean up into his touch. 

“You remember the first time you kissed me?”

Mike closed his eyes, letting Dean talk, knowing that he needed remember the past....even though they both knew there was no future.  “I do.”

“You were so pissed at me for kidding around with Jack and you got all jealous and up in my face, do you remember?”

“I was not jealous—”

“You were too jealous and I will be forever grateful to Jack for being the one to force your hand,” he smiled, “well, your lips anyway, I think the hands came later.  I'd been waiting long enough for you to realise that I belonged to you.”

Mike just smiled, rubbing his cheek gently on Dean's hair.  “Come on baby, we can do this.”

Dean wiped futilely at the tears that ran down his face, but Mike watched him square his shoulders as he stood and moved towards him.  Oh God, Mike thought, This is really it isn't it?  We're really gonna do this. He squared his own shoulders as Dean took his hand in his and bent towards him, kissing him gently on his lips.  “I love you. Goodbye, Mike.” 

“I love you, too, Dean. See ya’” 

He watched Dean sit back onto the plastic chair, his shoulders shaking with his sobs.  Watched as the two sets of families, his and Dean's, filed slowly into the room, and the doctor followed them.  He looked down at himself in the bed – wishing he could feel Dean's fingers on his - watched as the machine that had been keeping him alive since the accident three weeks ago was turned off and it was time to go. 

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