Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Good morning world!!!!

Because of my lack of gorgeous bods yesterday, I thought I'd make it up to you wonderful people with a little taste teaser of my current WIP.

I shall set the scene for you....Scott and Will are undercover at Laurel Heights, sent there after the apparent murder/suicide of two of its residents.  Not a problem, they're cops, they've been undercover before...but Laurel Heights is quirkier than most small communities...all the residents are gay.  They also indulge in 'gatherings' once a month where they indulge in some partner-swapping and the like.

But there is something a little quirky about Scott and Will, too - 1. They're both gay.  2. Neither knows that the other is gay.

This scene is set in the garden on the day of their first 'gathering' when Scott decides that he has to see if the 'straight kid' can make it through a simple kiss, without freaking out - and gets more than he bargained for:-

Looking up as the back door opened and Scott approached him with a mug of coffee in each hand, Will tried to smile.
“Here,” Scott held out the cup in his left hand, his brow furrowing above his nose. “You okay?”
“Yeah, I'm good.”  Will tried to sound nonchalant as he took the cup  from Scott's fingers and sipped at the desperately needed caffeine fix. 
“Sure you are.” Scott’s voice was heavy with sarcasm.  “You're freaking out about tonight aren't you?” Scott swallowed a mouthful of his own drink, and rolled his eyes at the pained expression on Will’s face in answer.
“Okay,” Scott put his mug of steaming coffee down on the table and plucked Will’s out of his hand, standing it next to the other mug.  “Look, man.  We're two straight guys about to go to our first gay gang bang.” 
Will's eyes widened in panic when Scott nudged his knees together and sat astride his thighs.  “What are you doing?” His voice sounded like he’d been sucking on helium and he tried not to lean into Scott's fingers as they stroked his bangs from his eyes.
 “We’re no closer to getting any information to break this case.  It’s obvious these gatherings have something to do with what happened to Jon and Cory.  We ain’t getting out of tonight, Harrison, so—” Scott continued the thread his fingers through Will’s thick hair.  “We need to suck it up and get comfortable with the whole touching business, right now.”  He took a deep breath, picked up Will's hands and put them on his own hips.  “Close your eyes,” he said, his tone matter of fact as he cupped Will's cheek with the hand that wasn't buried in soft, blond locks. 
“Close your fucking eyes, Will.  I'm going to kiss you, and you're going to kiss me back, you got it?”
“Why are you yelling at me?” Will huffed, momentarily forgetting he had one hundred and eighty pounds of Weston on his lap.
“Because you're freaking out! One touch from someone tonight is going to have you running for the hills and you'll blow our cover wide open.  I am not ending my career as a beat cop. I've worked long and hard and made sacrifices to get to where I am, and I’m not going to let you ruin it.  Now fucking kiss me!”  Scott hissed out through clenched teeth.  In one swift move, Scott leaned down and captured Will's lips in his in a brief kiss.  Pulling back, their mouths parting with a soft snick, he looked into Will's eyes.  “Okay?”  Will’s nod was a mere inclination of his head, but it was there and so Scott leaned in again. 
The first thought that crossed Will’s mind was how soft Scott’s lips were.  But then he didn’t have much time to consider anything else, because Scott put more pressure behind the kiss. The tip of the other man’s tongue tentatively requested entrance to his mouth, and his lips parted of their own volition.   When Scott’s tongue slid into his mouth and gently caressed his, all thoughts were pushed from his mind other than: Feels. So. Good.
Will's fingers curled into the denim of Scott's jeans when the man’s fingers gripped tighter into his hair, making delicious heat unfurl in his belly.  He couldn't stop himself from pulling Scott in closer, and felt, rather than heard, the man's whimper as he ran his hands up the length of Scott’s back. He loved the way the muscles rippled beneath his touch and what blood there was still left in his brain, rapidly headed South.   The tongue sliding sensuously around his mouth tasted of coffee and he licked the bitter remnants away until all he could taste was Scott.  He liked it.  He wanted more of it. All of it.
Will’s hands searched beneath the hem of Scott’s T-shirt of their own volition, desperately wanting to feel the warmth of bare flesh against his skin.  Which was when Scott broke the kiss, quickly pushed himself off Will’s lap and grabbed his coffee. Will stared up at him, his breath panting through his parted lips.
 “Okay,” Scott cleared his throat and nodded at Will. “I think we can manage kissing.”

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  1. I love the premise that each doesn't know the other is gay! Great scene. Well written. Great last line.