Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I was wondering what to waffle about today and then I saw the lovely Miss Kamryn's post on George Canyon and I thought "of course - you donut - introduce these wonderful people to Mr Manns!"

For any fan of Supernatural on the CW, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Jason Manns will already be a familiar name.  Jason is one of Jensen's best friends and he is also an actor, songwriter and singer along with the numerous other strings to his bow.  His music was featured in an episode of Supernatural, for as he says, about five seconds, and he was invited along as the musical guest to a British convention, which led to other conventions all over the world.  Jason may have attracted people to his songs through his association with Jensen - but that is so far removed now, because he has a huge following of his own now.

The other thing about Mr Manns, apart from his wonderfully rich and soulful voice and the meaning behind the lyrics in his songs, is the fact that he is one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever met.  I admit when I first went to one of his gigs where there were only about thirty of us crammed into a room above a pub, I was a little nervous and shy, what with him being friends with Jensen and everything...how stupid was I?

I am now Jason's number one stalker - lol.  He is my friend on FB and we have interesting chats, usually with me demanding pictures of his guitar so I can have it tattooed on my shoulder - followed by him signing said tattoo at the last convention and then dedicating a song to me at his last gig.

He has a beautiful voice and his version of Jeff Buckley's Halleluah is absolutely heartbreakingly perfect.
And he's very easy on the eye too :)

So here's my favourite photo and some links to his performances, including my favourite song, Vision :)


  1. Aww great post Lisa! He does have a great voice :)