Thursday, 16 June 2011


Hello you gorgeous beasts!

I am offering you the chance to win a copy of my previously published shorts AND a copy of my first ebook, A Nanny for Nate, which is released on Saturday 18 June - woot, woot!

We have.....

Two Nap-Size Dreams:  Bank Job and my new release Running from the Past

And my first ever published short:  Halfway House

All you have to do is comment and leave me your email addy, to have your chance of winning all three shorts and a copy of A Nanny for Nate.

I'll pick the winner on the 24 June :)


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  2. Hi Honey. I thought your release was the 24th. Did they move it up to the 18th?

  3. Hey babe - nope - it was always the 18th :)

  4. Happy release day! The new book sounds great.
    I enjoyed the story you wrote for British Flash too.