Friday, 3 June 2011

CHASING THE DREAM - Release Date: 17 September 2011

Chasing the Dream is the coming together of five authors and they're differing styles:
GA Hauser, Patricia Logan, Lisa Worrall, Sue Brown and Sammy Jo Hunt have each written a short especially for you.  Chasing the Dream will be published by Silver Publishing on the 17 September 2011 - so mark your calendars!

Here is a little taste teaser of each story to wet your appetite...

Firefighter by day, sex god by night, ‘Clyde’ chased his dream in Hollywood to be the top gay male porn star in West Hollywood. What Clyde didn’t expect was a little help from a pretty-boy superstar. ‘Blaze’ lights this fireman’s world on fire!

Has Colt’s fantasy of bringing Slade into the bedroom with Deuce, driven Deuce away for good or can Colt lure the handsome cowboy home to be loved by two instead of one? Slade could only wish for two such men as these gorgeous babes. How does he hold onto their trust and change it to the love he so desperately craves?

Noah Kinkade is an up and coming designer, one of the best newcomers in the field.  When he is hired to restore the old Seevers mansion to its former glory, he thinks all his dreams have come true.  He doesn’t know how right he is.

Caught by an unexpected rain shower, Tony DiMarco sought shelter in a bar, only to hesitate on the doorstep as he discovered Mac's Bar was the last place he should be seen if he wanted his world to stay intact.
Having made it over the doorstep the last thing Tony expects is to be propositioned by the hot bartender and his equally hot cousin. Mac and Chase make it clear it's his decision but Tony is torn between his desires and his responsibilities. On a sudden whim he decides to let the raindrops sheeting down the window make the decision. If they went right he'd say yes to a night of sex that might blow his world apart, if the rain went left he'd leave and never look back.
Tony watched the raindrops race down the window and held his breath as he waited for the answer.

Derrick Delaney is a high-class professional stripper, who entertains his choice of private patrons in the upstairs VIP suite. Scott Silver is a rock star that develops an obsession for the exotic dancer. Fireworks sizzle and passion erupts during their own private engagement. 


  1. Whoo Hoo. Sounds like a great book. LOL

  2. Awesome Lisa! Yeah Patti... it does sound like a great book! *giggles*

    Thanks for posting Lisa!


  3. They sound like a good bunch ;P

  4. Wow this is exciting some of my favorite authors coming together. It's also extra special because it comes out on my 43rd Birthday. That's too cool:-)

  5. I'm glad you're excited LeeLee - we're all bouncing off the walls - we may explode before September!

  6. I am in an anthology with Rebel Ink, a tale of red-hot Cougar stories!

  7. Oooh sounds exciting ! Being a red-hot Cougar myself lol