Thursday, 19 May 2011

Writer's Arse/Head - which is bigger?

Morning world!

In my profession as a writer, I'm not sure what's getting bigger these days, my arse or my head.  My arse because I spend so much time sat on it - I can feel the damn thing spreading every day.  But my head has grown a few inches with a few simple words from a writer I greatly admire and have the fortune to call my friend.  Yes!  I mean you Patricia Logan!

Of course, because she is my friend she has to tell me I am a master of the written word, but my embarrassed "Shut up" was waved away and she left me feeling, as always, that I can do anything.

Now if I could just get my two characters off, I'm sure they'd be happy.  Poor Noah has balls the size of melons and Sebastian is currently alternating between reading a book and doing the crossword - because I've had them on the edge of orgasm for the last three days.  Bless them - they haven't made a word of complaint :)

Anyway, here's a little picture to keep you going while I try to send the pair of them off the abyss and floating into oblivion!

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