Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mini Fic Monday - #1: Yummy!

I've decided to write some flash fic to wet your appetites.  Here is the first instalment of Mini Fic Monday:

#1: Yummy

“I’m not sure I like this,” Mack hissed, his fingers tightening around those entangled with his.  “If you’re leading me into a room full of family and friends, I swear to God they will never find the body.”
Brody snorted inelegantly.  “As if I would do that to you,” he replied, pulling Mack slightly to the right and urging him forward.  “You’re hurting my feelings.  I’m the love of your life.  Aren’t you supposed to trust me or something?”
“You’re not the one who’s blindfolded while stark naked, Peters, so let’s not talk about trust issues,” Mack said, his words dripping with sarcasm.
“Stop bitching.  I’m naked too,” Brody chuckled.  “You’re going to love it.  Trust me.”
Mack wished he felt as confident as Brody sounded as his boyfriend continued to lead him around their house.  They were currently on their fourth circuit, so he had lost his bearings completely and their comfy home had now become confusing and unsettling.  Earlier, as they lie in bed, their limbs entangled, fingertips whispering over muscled skin, it had seemed like a fun idea when Brody had suggested the blindfold.  Nice – safe – kinky fun.  Until the lights had been turned out by a black silk scarf tied around his head and Brody had begun to lead him a merry dance around the house.
“Where are we?  The kitchen?” Mack questioned, when the carpet underfoot changed to cold tile.  Brody’s: “Ssssh” was the only reply he received as he let his boyfriend guide him across the room.
“Here,” Brody said softly, letting go of one of Mack’s hands and sliding his fingers down Mack’s thigh and cupping his calf.  “I’m going to help you lift your leg, are you ready?”
Mack reached out with his now free hand and found Brody’s naked shoulder, gripping the muscled skin tightly, as Brody lifted his leg and lowered his toes into warm water.  The bathroom, I knew it! He thought with a smile.  He didn’t let go of Brody until he was standing in the bath, the soft swirl of water lapping against his calves.  With Brody’s guidance, he lowered himself down and snuffled when some bubbles tickled his nose.  The water swelled and droplets splashed onto his forearms like raindrops were they rested on either side of the tub, when Brody climbed in opposite him and settled in the water. 
Mack sighed contentedly when Brody’s foot brushed teasingly against his thigh.  He didn’t need his eyes to see the other man leaning back at the other end of the tub, his black hair falling around his face and neck in a shock of curls.  Didn’t need to be looking to know that Brody’s dark blue, almost navy gaze was tracing the curve of his face and down the muscles of his chest.  He felt it.  He knew every curve and muscle in Brody’s body; had traced each a million times with his hands and his tongue.  Mack felt his cock stiffen against his thigh for the second time that evening as the anticipation became too much in the silence of the room.  “So, you gonna stare at me all night?” His voice sounded husky to his own ears and he nearly lost complete control when Brody’s deep, Texan drawl echoed around the room.
“Oh baby, I’m gonna do a lot more than stare.”
Mack gasped when the water swelled around him once more as he felt Brody move and kneel between his open thighs.  He arched his neck when Brody’s lips burned a path up his throat to kiss-bite along his jaw, getting closer and closer to his mouth.  “Brody,” he moaned, his fingers curling around the edge of the tub.  “Don’t tease. Don’t-mmf,” he grunted when something thick and wet dripped onto his upper lip.  His tongue snaked out to taste and he groaned deep in his throat.  “Chocolate?” he rasped.  “I think I just fell in love with you all over again.”
“Sssh,” Brody replied.  “Busy.”
Mack let out an unmanly whimper when he felt Brody’s fingers smear melted chocolate around his nipples and then slowly lap at them with kitten licks of his pointed tongue. “Holy Fuck, Brode,” he groaned, his hands lifting to touch any part of Brody he could reach, and having his hands slapped away as Brody continued with his assault; dripping the chocolate on his torso and wiping it in stripes on his face before removing it with his tongue and then sliding his lips across Mack’s time and time again, sharing the sweetness with him.
When Brody finally arranged them so that the blindfolded man was now between his thighs, Mack was a writhing mess of wanton need.  As he was guided down onto Brody’s hardness, Mack threw his head back and cried out as his senses were overloaded.  Sparks shot out to all his nerve endings while he rode his boyfriend under the guidance of the firm hands on his waist; and he was swept away on a dark sea as his orgasm rocketed through him, Brody following shortly after.
Settled back in the water, his back against Brody’s heaving chest and his limbs heavy and sated, Mack sighed when Brody’s tongue chased a smear of chocolate he had missed behind Mack’s ear.  “That was-that was-” he waved his hand in the water, grinning contentedly and rubbing his face against Brody’s neck like a satisfied cat.  Mack snorted out a laugh when Brody finished his sentence for him with a simple:

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