Monday, 30 May 2011

Blurb for Nanny for Nate

Parker Adams is a busy lawyer in LA.  When his husband, Darren, is tragically killed in a hit and run, it falls to him to try and balance work with their son, Nate, a rambunctious seven year old.  Over a year on, Parker's still finding it difficult to maintain that balance and Nate spends more time at the babysitter's than he should. Until the babysitter decides to move and suggest that they may benefit from a live-in nanny.

Parker's choices are narrowed down to Melanie Roberts, a straight-laced, sturdy young woman who combined the right combination of a firm hand in a velvet glove.  Or Jake Walsh, six feet six of muscled Adonis with a fun-loving attitude and who immediately awoke stirrings deep within Parker that he thought had died with Darren. 

Guilt-ridden by his reaction to Jake, Parker offers Melanie the job.  However, due to a mix-up, when he opens the front door to the new nanny, he finds Jake Walsh on the doorstep.  What does he do now?  Tell Jake that there has been a mistake and cause his son further upset?  Or does he bite the bullet and hope he can ignore the obvious attraction between him and Jake?